Four Moving Tips – The Correct Way to Pack Your Furniture

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Moving house can be a stressful time, especially when you’ve got a lot of items and fragile furniture to pack. Making sure that none of your items get damaged when you’re packing can be a daunting task. You have to wrap and pack each item or piece of furniture so that they don’t break, tear, or get scratched during the move.

So is there a particular way you should pack a moving van, and how do you protect your items from damage?

Even before you book your move with a company such as, take a look at these four useful tips to help make your move hassle-free.

1. Protective Wrappings for Different Types of Items

Some items are fragile and others have light-colored fabric that could get dirty easily. There are protective wrappings for all types of household items to guarantee that they arrive at your new home unscathed.

Furniture Wrapping

Furniture wrapping is heavy duty sheets of cellophane that protect materials and accents of lounge suites. They come in rolls that are easy to use. Simply wrap the desired amount of plastic around all your furniture items and secure with strips of packing tape.

Bubble Wrap for Glassware

Glasses, plates, cups and china are fragile items that can shatter easily. Bubble wrap is sheets of plastic with bubbles filled with air to protect your glassware from cracking, chipping and breaking during a move.

Packing Paper for Tupperware

Plastic items are also susceptible to cracking if they fall. But wrapping them in paper can prevent them from getting dirty. So wrap all semi-fragile items in packing paper so that you don’t have to re-wash them at your new home.

Padded Wrapping paper

Padded wrapping paper is suitable for paintings, picture frames and small tables. Wrap these items and then place them in a sturdy box to prevent them from sliding around.


2. Coat Wooden Finishes with Wax

Wooden tables, chairs and ornaments can get scratched during a move which decreases the value of the items. If you have an antique wooden furniture, coat them in wax before wrapping them in plastic to prevent dents, chips and scratches on the surfaces.

When you pack these items, ensure they can’t slide around during transportation.

3. Packing Electronics

Electronics such as TVs, computers, laptops, kettles and toasters should be stored in their original boxes. This is because these items fit perfectly inside their boxes and there are Styrofoam strips to keep them securely in place without the risk of getting damaged because of bumping into other items.


4. Paintings should be Stored in a Container

Canvas can tear easily. Scuffs from other items can damage the paint on the canvas and dirty your assets. So wrap them in padded paper and store them in a secure box so they don’t move around.


Final Thoughts

A reputable company will usually help you with packing materials and ensure that all your items are packed securely inside the truck. The packing will be done so all your items can be removed easily without damage when you arrive at your new home.

Plan and prepare well and your move will be less stressful than you think.


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