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Are you redecorating your home with the ultimate feminine touch? There are plenty of fantastic ideas and design concepts as well as accessories to consider. Particularly, if you are keen to create the perfect vanity space. In this guide, you will find advice on how to get the most out of your design.


What Are The Most Interesting Modern Interior Design Decorations For Vanity Spaces?

Faux fur rugs are a brilliant choice for vanity spaces and will look exquisite while adding additional texture to the room. You can drape a rug like this over a chair or add it to the floor in the center of your vanity space. This type of rug can also add another layer to your room which will ensure it looks more appealing.

Ghost chairs are another popular accessory for a women’s vanity space. These chairs are typically made of plastic or a similar material and are completely transparent.


How Can You Go Green With Your Vanity Space While Staying Stylish?

If you are keen to bring natural environmental elements into your vanity space, you can consider a boho-chic design. Short for bohemian chic, this style will combine elements of earthiness and femininity in a completely seamless way. Features of this decor choice may include fake or real plants including ferns as well as organic products. Warm wood furniture will also add to the earthy appeal.

Boho-chic is inspired by the 1960’s-70s hippie era. Due to this, materials often include rattan, sisal, and hemp. Plant hangers are another popular choice or even a decorative ladder! While natural materials are definitely on the agenda here, you can add a few splashes of metal to make the space shine.


What Style Will Provide A Bright Space?

To make sure that your home is bold and beautiful, you should consider the Avant-Garde design choice. This style focuses on pure colors including yellow, green and red. You can use several different colors in the same room to draw attention to different expression and dynamics. Materials for this type of design include metallic wallpaper, fiberglass, and decorative plaster.

Furniture will typically avoid curves and ensure that there are clear contours. You can also consider shapeless objects like beanbags and be creative with your selection.


What Designer Influencers Should Women Follow For Inspiring Home Ideas?

If you are keen to have a clear space and a clear mind, you should follow MarieKondon. With 371,000 followers she focuses on ensuring that a clean design looks fantastic with a focus on minimal aesthetics.

Lena Terlutter is another popular choice with just over 484,000 followers. She is passionate about fashion and delves into contemporary interior design ideas that are a little more outside the box. She regularly highlights stand out features including the lounge chair which has been a popular choice since Frasier was on the air.

Kirtywicks has 251,000 followers on Instagram and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has an audience that is 88% female and that’s not surprising. This influencer focuses on the fem touch with pastel tones. She regularly provides her rooms with a makeover depending on the season.

Do You Love the Nordic design? If so, then definitely give Casachicks a follow. This influencer dives deep into this interior design option with warm wooden furniture and classic colors combined.


Which Mirror Should You Choose For Your Vanity Space?

Your mirror will be a key element of a vanity space. You could consider an industrial style mirror that will fit beautifully with a minimal design. Alternatively, you may wish to consider a geometric mirror with a 3D design that looks contemporary.

Alternatively if you are looking for something inspiring you could think about adding a Hollywood light mirror to your vanity space. My Hollywood light mirror was given to me as a gift and really makes the ultimate tool to ensure you can perfect your makeup and get your style right. The key feature is the bulbs that border the outside bathing you in an artificial glow.


What Should Your Stand Out Accessory Be?

There are countless options for the perfect stand out feature for your vanity space. Our recommendation would be to opt for a chandelier. Eye-catching, stunning and an all-around visual treat, chandeliers are the perfect way to elevate the aesthetic of the room. These light fixtures come in a wide range of different styles and designs to choose from. For instance, you can opt for a tear chandelier. The reflective droplets often cause the light to bounce around different areas of the room.

A standout accessory that not only looks fashionable but also provides practicality is a built-in shoe rack. These provide a fantastic option to keep your shoes neat and tidy while also showcasing your favorite pairs. With the right shoe rack, your shoes can be part of your decor choice.

Of course, you can also go further here and set up an entire wall display for your favorite clothes, shoes, and accessories that match your interior style.

A bistro table with a french style is another popular addition. With this accessory, you can bring the sidewalks of Paris into your interior. It’s a great way to add some feminine furniture into your home and ideal for the breakfast space or a vanity area. These tables have even become a popular choice for the side of the bed and an extra tip would be to look for one with a marble top.


What Color And Tones Should You Choose?

Finally, you need to consider the shades that will match a space. Cream will provide a sophisticated and elegant color scheme. As such, it’s perfect if you are selecting an accessory for the bedroom or choosing a base tone. If you are keen to add a more feminine touch than floral motifs will fit well here too.

You may also want to think about adding blue, particularly if you have a white or cream base tone. If you blend these shades together then you will find that the femininity shines through in a delightful fashion.

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