Rozelle Burrow: Expanding the Home’s Sense of Space with Extensive Internal Renovations

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After seeing Lilyfield Scarp House designed by Benn and Penna Architects, the client approaches them to help design Rozelle Burrow. The brief is about expanding the home’s sense of space by combing the outside and inside area of the house. The architect also doing extensive internal renovations by adding some house elements.


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For the renovation, a warm and modern domestic layer is added to this home. The architect also opens the introverted and dark spaces as if it burrows in from the garden of the house. Andrew and his team from Benn and Penna Architect have a fun time for this project with the great result that loved by the clients.



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The client is very pleased with the result. The usability of the house space has been increased, the natural light is also enhanced and the entire home looks more beautiful as a family home. The final design is completed on time and also on budget. Rozelle Burrow turns into a comfortable living space with all thing that the family needs.



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For the materials, Benn and Penna Architects uses a lot of wood to design the floor, the frame of the door and window, furniture, and storage. This material is balanced with white paints to create a bright background that comes from the wall and ceiling. And in order to create an open and large space, only essential furniture and elements are inserted into the house space.

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