New York Apartment: An Urban Oasis with Luxury Interior and Relaxed Spaces

New York Apartment 8

The family of this apartment now can enjoy the color and pattern splashes designed by Arent & Pyke. New York Apartment is located in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan city. The idea is about designing an urban oasis in a busy city with the luxury interior and some relaxed spaces.


New York Apartment 1

New York Apartment 2

New York Apartment 3

The luxury interior comes in a relaxed and soft scheme. This scheme is shown through the distinct punctuations of pattern, texture, and color that can be found in the apartment furniture, decoration, rug, wall, and floor.



New York Apartment 4

New York Apartment 5

New York Apartment 6

The result of this luxury interior with all of its elements is relaxed spaces with comfort, warmth, and a good privacy for the client. All the things offered by the iconic city of Manhattan can be enjoyed comfortably in this new home.



New York Apartment 7

New York Apartment 8

The relaxed spaces are not only located inside the apartment but also outside the apartment. New York Apartment offers a small terrace with a rustic wooden fence for the client, providing an outdoor area to enjoy the view around the apartment.



New York Apartment 9

New York Apartment 10

Some types of furniture are chosen carefully. The purpose is not only about facilitating the apartment as a comfortable living place but also decorating its luxury interior in a fun way. With the orange chairs, tulip table and wooden chairs, the interior looks much brighter and interesting.

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