Apartamento Joaquim Antunes: Elegant Apartment with Concrete Wall and Colorful Accent

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Apartamento Joaquim Antunes is an elegant apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This apartment is designed by Tria Arquitetura with Marina Cardoso de Almeida and Sarah Bonanno as the main principals for the project. It is a 2016 project designed with a colorful accent and concrete wall that can bring a contemporary look for the entire space of the apartment.


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The concept is about bringing a simple and elegant look to this apartment. With some colorful accents and a unique wall made from concrete, this apartment can look more interesting to see. Without too many patterns or decoration, every room is already comfortable enough to be used for the residents with their family.



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The blue shelves in the kitchen area can bring a more decorative look into this apartment space. The same way is also done to the living area with a large blue rug. The entire space in this apartment is dominated with white and natural color from wood materials that come from the wall, floor, and also the furniture.



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In order to bring a contemporary look, the architect accidentally not painting some parts of the apartment wall. They let the unique look from the concrete material can be seen clearly. The wooden floor is made in a unique pattern too with a large rug in the living area, this floor can be warmer and also comfortable.



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In the kitchen, the small dining area is filled up with a round wooden table and some chairs. Above this table on the ceiling, five lighting comes in an interesting form. The same style also can be seen in the bathroom. The bathtub, toilet, sink, and wall come in white and combined with some wooden board applied on the bathroom wall.



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This apartment doesn’t have a big space, so the architect tries to create some functional spaces based on the resident needs. Once the residents enter the entrance area, they will be welcomed with a mini office hidden by the wooden slide door. With the wall mounted desk, this mini office looks simple but also effective as a working place.

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