GARÚ Apartment: A New Address for A Retired Couple with Modern Interior and Four Different Volumes

GARÚ Apartment 12

Located in South Coast, Brazil, GARÚ Apartment is a new address for a retired couple. The modern interior in this apartment is designed by Studio BRA and completed in 2017. After the renovation, today GARÚ Apartment has four different volumes with different uses too. The main space becomes a single space that can be used for daily life.


GARÚ Apartment 1

GARÚ Apartment 2

Previously, the interior design in this apartment doesn’t have any portray of residents lifestyle. The architect tries to bring that lifestyle through the modern interior and renovation. After the renovation, all rooms can give the best air circulation for the residents and offer a new comfortable interior design.



GARÚ Apartment 3

GARÚ Apartment 4

Balcony, living, dining, and kitchen turn into a single space after the renovation process. This single space allows the residents to do some different activities every day. It also makes each space in this apartment is easy to be reached. Each space is connected by the visual design of the modern interior and its elements.



GARÚ Apartment 5

GARÚ Apartment 6

Today, GARÚ Apartment has four different volumes. These volumes have different uses too that marked by textures and colors of the modern interior. With the combination of some natural colors and materials, the four different volumes can provide warmer and cozier spaces, perfect spaces for a living place.



GARÚ Apartment 7

GARÚ Apartment 8

The walls are a combination of concrete and wood materials designed specially by the architect. The wood also comes in the multifunctional furniture, creating a good interaction between two rooms, the dinner and living room. The concrete is used to design the doors and masonry, organizing the program for the owner and their child.



GARÚ Apartment 9

GARÚ Apartment 10

The furniture can support electronic appliances, organizing the stuff through the drawer, and also beautify the modern interior with the living sofa. When night comes, the use of beautiful and great lamp can highlight the modern interior clearly. The white background becomes an awesome visual design to be seen.



GARÚ Apartment 11

GARÚ Apartment 12

White is one of the best colors that can be used in modern interior design, especially in welcoming the guests with a natural look of the apartment. The blue is used to mark these apartment volumes, making them looks more clear. This color also beautifies the laundry and kitchen area together with grey color.



GARÚ Apartment 13

GARÚ Apartment 14

It is very important for the couple and their kids to live healthy in this apartment. Besides the awesome modern interior, the architect also creates the best air circulation inside this apartment. The circulation is throughout the social area, including the living room, dining area, and also the minimalist kitchen.

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