Apartment on Gogol: Minimalist Interior Design of Modern Apartment in Kiev

Apartment On Gogol 2

This modern apartment is located in Kiev and designed by Denis Rakaev. With 114 square meters of the total area, Apartment on Gogol has a minimalist interior design which is simple and comfortable. The architect tries to make the minimalist interior looks more interesting by adding some orange interior elements.


Apartment On Gogol 1

The minimalist interior design of this apartment is full of wooden materials, especially for its storage, kitchen island, door, and floor. The kitchen is facing the open space that consists of a living room and a small dining area near the window. It makes each member of the family can interact with each other easily through different areas.



Apartment On Gogol 2

Apartment On Gogol 3

The living room and dining area are located next to each other. The architect wants to give a beautiful view outside the apartment when the owner enjoys their meal in the dining area. He also adds a black rug to make the living room area feels warmer.



Apartment On Gogol 4

Apartment On Gogol 5

The different thing about this modern apartment with its minimalist interior is the presence of some orange things inside the apartment. With the orange sofa, table, and chairs, the whole look feels more interesting to be seen. The orange color contrasts with other black and dark things but it still looks perfect.

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