Staten Island Urby: A Unique Residential Concept with Contemporary Interior and Truly Connected Living Experience

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Urby is a famous brand built based on the needs of contemporary urban citizens. It is a unique residential concept with a different value of money and also a truly connected living experience. The first Urby project that has been realized is Staten Island Urby, located in Manhattan with an awesome view of Verrazano Bridge. This project can connect the residents and communities around the site.


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Staten Island Urby is a big project with more than 900 rental apartments. The concept design of those apartments come with the buildings built in two large and big U-shaped structures. These structures can provide awesome views of Manhattan city for urban citizens.



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The 900 rental apartments are designed with some complete facilities, including a cafe, a workspace, and also a fresh garden outside the buildings. The building shape can serve the citizens as a landscaped communal courtyard too, providing an incredible view from most of the apartments.



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Staten Islan Urby has a great contemporary interior design. This interior has some combination of shapes and colors where all of the elements are incorporated into a charming contemporary style. Together with the use of natural materials like wood and plants, the interior also becomes more natural and fresh.



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Another unique thing from the contemporary interior design inside Staten Island Urby is the lighting style. Concrete Amsterdam as the main architect uses a lot of different lighting designs, creating a variation in decorating the interior.

Via concreteamsterdam

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