Treetop House: A Penthouse with Contemporary Interior in Harmonious Elements

Treetop House 13

Treetop House is an amazing project by Arent & Pyke. This penthouse is designed with a contemporary interior design with some harmonious elements. Those elements consist of some different materials and colors. The purpose is not only about creating a comfortable house but also an interesting house with a touch of luxury style.


Treetop House 14

Treetop House 13

Treetop House 12

The harmonious elements in this house can make an awesome contemporary interior design to the whole spaces. It also gives a refined luxury style which is warm and tactile without any clutter. The focus interior design can be seen in the spatial color and detail.



Treetop House 11

Treetop House 10

Treetop House 9

The abundance of light in this house comes from the skylight on the house ceiling and the full height windows. Those lights can create bright human-scaled areas in the entertaining space, dining area, and also lounging.



Treetop House 8

Treetop House 7

Treetop House 6

The contemporary interior design in this house is created with some perfect details. With the clutter -free and spare joiner, the interior becomes more inviting and warm. A highly contemporary living experience can be felt in the kitchen space with the monumental stone island.



Treetop House 5

Treetop House 4

Treetop House 3

For the design and its detail, the house has brass handles which are made in a good collaboration with Henry Wilson. Some beautiful craftsmanship offers a jewel-like to the interior. There are also oak and felt linings in the walk-in-robe of a master bedroom, providing a beautiful experience in dressing



Treetop House 2

Treetop House 1

With some different colors in every room of Treetop House, the complexity of the palette can be added with more highly and refines tactile. The pale pink drapes can create a warmer space and the caramel tones with rich chocolate color in the furniture work to give tonal harmony and contrasts.

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