Pivna Duma: Rustic Interior of An Awesome Restaurant in Ukraine

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Pivna Duma is a restaurant with a cool rustic interior located in Kiev, Ukraine. This awesome restaurant is not only the best for its food but also the best for its interior design. The rustic interior is combined with some modern touches in some parts of the restaurant. Completed in 2016 by Daria Ovechenk and Slava Balbek, Pivna Duma turns into the best place to hang out in Ukraine.


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This restaurant has two floors. The ground floor houses a bar and more public sitting areas for the customer. When you don’t like too many people around you, you can move to the upper floor which is more private with some independent sitting areas.



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Pivna Duma 7

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The rustic interior of this restaurant can be seen from its bare walls, showing the unique design of the bricks. The modern touches come from the furniture and the unique white staircase. Every space on the upper floor is separated by a black mesh wall.



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Most of the furniture is wood, especially the restaurant table. Some chairs have a classic leather design in dark colors, brown and black. The concrete floor spread out all over the restaurant interior, creating a good look with the brick walls.

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