Tamarit Apartment: A Long, Stately Apartment with A Connected and Elegant Interior

Tamarit Apartment 13

Tamarit Apartment is a residential project in Barcelona, Spain from 2015 to 2016. The whole interior design is made by Raul Sanchez Architects. This apartment is a long, stately apartment with a facade that connects to the street through the elegant bow-window. The interactive and elegant interior is made based on the conventional housing environments.


Tamarit Apartment 18

Tamarit Apartment 15

The architect uses two key strategies to design this apartment interior. The first is about rooms without any hallways to create a good connection. Every room can be used based on the user need such as a playroom, reading room, storage rooms, and more.

Tamarit Apartment 17

Tamarit Apartment 16

The second strategy is creating three sections for all room according to three levels. For those levels, the architect designs ceramic vault ceiling and original wooden beam in a grey paint. They also use some different tiles for the bedroom and some woods for the living rooms.



Tamarit Apartment 14

Tamarit Apartment 13

Tamarit Apartment 12

The whole interior space is organized and connected with the two exits to the outside of the apartment. There is also a lot of lighting that can penetrate right into more interior spaces. The light can create a beautiful light gradation for this apartment spaces that have greater privacy.



Tamarit Apartment 11

Tamarit Apartment 10

Tamarit Apartment 8

Tamarit Apartment 7

Besides the wood, this apartment interior is also designed by combining some new materials. One of them is a white micro-cement that covers the entrance partitions. This entrance is re-arranged to create more public spaces that facing the street and also more private spaces that facing the inner courtyard.



Tamarit Apartment 6

Tamarit Apartment 3

Tamarit Apartment 5

The bathroom comes in elegant white color with some wood accent on the window frame and the bathroom storage. The elegant style is also made by the use of a glass material for the bathroom shower door. The pattern on the floor tiles can add more decoration to the bathroom interior.



Tamarit Apartment 4

Tamarit Apartment 2

Tamarit Apartment 1

Tamarit Apartment has a complete demolition, especially for its gallery that leads to the courtyards. This gallery is re-built once again on its structure and materials. With some wood doors and some transparent glasses, the interior can be illuminated even when the orientation seems not interesting at all.

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