IndieBio Lab: A Modern Interior Design with Open Work Areas

IndieBio Lab 2

With its modern and flexible interior design, IndieBio Lab can enable and accelerate the working activities of the new Bio-Economy of the company. This lab is located in San Fransisco, California as a place for tenant development, technology, corporate, science, and health.


IndieBio Lab 1

IndieBio Lab 2

The interior is designed to stimulate the collaboration in scientific revolutionary ideas, and also business outcomes with a good working environment. The goal is about aiming the large scale of problems on these days.



IndieBio Lab 3

IndieBio Lab 4

The building has a 15,000 square foot space that has been rented IndieBio. They found this perfect place in San Fransisco, including the basement and the ground floor in the South-of-Market area. The basement is used as a laboratory space.



IndieBio Lab 5

IndieBio Lab 6

IndieBio locates their laboratory in the basement. It becomes a challenge for RMW as the architect. The design team works hard to fulfill the company program and plan. They design the lab in a modular, efficient and robust environment to support the goal of the company.



IndieBio Lab 7

IndieBio Lab 8

The whole interior design in IndieBio Lab becomes a solution to make open work areas near the labs. It is also used to create a good collaboration between the rooms, including the break rooms. The interior becomes more flexible and also functional.

Via rmw

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