HMP Grampian: A Modern Prison with High-Quality Facilities in UK

HMP Grampian 1

HMP Grampian is a Scottish prison for women, men, and also young offenders in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. This prison is built with four house blocks with inviting interior. The interior of HMP Grampian is very interesting. It is not only comfortable for the prisoner but also interesting to be seen. With the high-quality facilities, this person can be the best place for community-facing.

Four House Blocks

HMP Grampian 1

HMP Grampian has four house blocks. Each of block is used to adult men, adult women, young offenders, and also a community integration unit. The integration unit is a special block because it is used for prisoners who have a close release date soon.



HMP Grampian 2

HMP Grampian is designed by Holmes Miller Architects. The process design started from 201s and it is completed in 2013. The idea about this prison is about providing a building with high-quality facilities and stimulating interiors.




HMP Grampian 4

Besides the four house blocks, this modern prison also has some best facilities, including security zones, recreational resources, educational spaces, laundries, kitchens, administration sections, and also visitor areas.



HMP Grampian 6

The construction of this prison is full of concrete walls. The method is about creating a maximized efficiency and also minimized waste. The whole LED lighting inside HMP Grampian can reduce the cost and energy usage.



HMP Grampian 5

HMP Grampian 3

The interior of HMP Grampian is light and bright. The electricity comes from the solar panels on the roof of the building. With those panels, this prison can have additional electricity to complete the facility both inside and outside it.

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