Tree Art Museum: A Big Museum with An Attracting Entrance View

Tree Art Museum 10

Tree Art Museum is located in Song Zhuang, Beijing, China and completed in 2012. This big museum is designed by Daipu Architects for Chinese Contemporary Art Development Foundation as a client. The main idea of Tree Art Museum is about creating an amazing public space for the people around the site to communicate, date, and stay comfortably.


Tree Art Museum 1

Tree Art Museum 2

The director, Dai Pu, hopes that the people can be attracted to get to this museum by seeing the amazing entrance view. It offers the curvy floor starts from the ground to the roof of the museum building. The visitor also can choose whether they want to enter the building through the courtyard or ramp.



Tree Art Museum 3

The first courtyard of Tree Art Museum is separated by the dust and the main road with the bare-concrete wall. The people can chat and stay under the big tree and feed the fishes in the reflecting pool. They also can enjoy the artworks and the view through the curtain wall.

Tree Art Museum 4

The second courtyard shows the beauty of natural light to the meeting room on the 2nd floor and also the back exhibition wall. The curvy wall design introduces the people to the public stairs-plaza which is located on the roof. A perfect place to sit and also enjoy the sunshine.



Tree Art Museum 5

Tree Art Museum 6

The beautiful corridor is located in the bare-concrete wall. This corridor is used to exhibit some books and also small sculptures. Right in front of the bookshelves, there is an awesome white curvy stair that can attract everyone’s eyes to see it.



Tree Art Museum 7

Tree Art Museum 8

More than six and a half courtyards are located on the 2,695 square meters on the museum site. Two bigger ones are used for the exhibition and the four more courtyards are located on the upper part of the museum, offering some great space to display artworks.



Tree Art Museum 9

Tree Art Museum 10

By creating an awesome space with the pure and real expression, Tree Art Museum project can be the best place where the people neighborhoods can communicate with contemporary arts, water, trees, and also natural light.

Via worldarchitecture

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