Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District: A New Big Residential Neighborhood with Urban Blue Zone

Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District 4

Cartesiusdriehoek was the Dutch Railways marshaling yard. It will be changed and transformed into a new big residential neighborhood. The interesting side of this project is about its urban blue zone and the master plan for a thousand new homes with the best facilities. Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District becomes the most healthy area too in the Netherlands.


Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District 4

The masterplan of Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District offers more than 2,000 homes, a supermarket, a school, a big central park, catering, and other facilities which are inspired by the theory of scientific of an area that can be used for the people to live much longer.


Blue Zones

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There are five area of blue zones in the world, Ikaria, Sardinia, Loma Linda, Nicoya, and Okinawa. Those zones are very popular because of National Geographic article in 2005 about “The Secrets of a Long Life” by Dan Buettner. The health effect comes from the nine habits of the residents which are used to build and transform the Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District.



Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District 2

This awesome Blue District is a lively urban area with the best abundant greenery around it. All areas will be easy to be accessed by cycling and walking as the man transports. The environment offers housing typologies with more than a quarter of the units are used for rental social housing.



Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District 1

The blue zones are related to the new infill on the site. The food hall area has the best healthy catering facilities and also restaurants. These areas are traversed to the CAB, become a green street and also a connection with the Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District.

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