MK Nursery: Nursery Modern Interior with Warm Atmosphere

MK Nursery 1

MK Nursery is located in Kanagawa, Japan. It is not a nursery with a big building or awesome architecture but it is a nursery with modern interior and its warm atmosphere. Most of the interior space in this nursery is designed with the wood material, including the furniture. The lighting design also makes MK Nursery has a warm atmosphere which is comfortable for the children and adults.


MK Nursery 4

Most of the interior design in MK Nursery is dominated by the wood material. Some spaces are divided beautiful wood, creating a fun space for the children. The locker room is also decorated with yellow color, offering a unique locker space.


Atelier Wall

MK Nursery 2

MK Nursery also has an atelier wall. It is one of the best things for the children to explore more things. On this wall, they can play with the blank board to draw something cute and beautiful. On the other side of the wall, they can also play with sticking the colors.



MK Nursery 3

The classroom is also comfortable. This room is completed with a sink too. The wooden floor will make the room feels warmer, even when winter comes. The interior design of this classroom is simple but it is good enough for the kids to learn much things.


Dining Room

MK Nursery 1

The dining room is located in one space with the kitchen too. The kitchen island comes in a modern white surface with a beautiful wood design. From this dining room, the children also can enjoy the view outside the nursery through the large windows.

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