Pinnacle One: An Elegant Building with Premium Office Accommodation

Pinnacle One 1

This tall and elegant building is located in Chengdu, China. Pinnacle One has 47 floors with a sleek silhouette between the landscape around the Chengdu city. The design is made by Make Architects and offering the best premium office accommodation for the workers. One reason that makes Pinnacle One is the best place for an office is the green landscape and spectacular views.


Pinnacle One 1

The design of Pinnacle One is sleek and also elegant. It is inspired by the growing urban landscape of Chengdu. The architect also wants to show the great look of this new building, especially its visual aesthetic to the business district of the city.



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The amazing interior design is not only comfortable for working but also completed with the best facilities. Pinnacle One is a tower with 47 floors. It provides premium office accommodation with awesome landscape and views.



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With the slender metallic block which is sturdy, Pinnacle One has a strong character as an office building. The block is wrapped in a shell of glass and aluminum. In front of the tower, you can see a stainless steel canopy that unifies the wings on both sides of the building.



Pinnacle One 5

The main concept of Pinnacle One is about creating a refined building that can enhance the skyline of Chengdu and minimize the impact to the environment in a clever way. This concept makes the building feels friendly for the area around it.



Pinnacle One 8

Make Architects tries to minimize the energy use, it becomes a key consideration for the first plan of Pinnacle One construction. The facade is built with insulated panels and glasses. It will maximize the natural light without gaining too much solar.



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Pinnacle One has an awesome structure for the retail units, extensive office space, private dining rooms, and also a restaurant. The outside area, the streetscape is enlivened with outdoor dining and retail. It will also improve the connection to the new pedestrian route with The Temple House hotel and the nearby subway station.

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