Park Hyatt Maldives: The First Resort with Green Globe Certification in Maldives

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Park Hyatt is a big resort located on Hadahaa Island in the Maldives. This awesome resort is built based on a study of its construction and design. With the spirit of the environmental stewardship, Park Hyatt also promotes the rainwater harvesting. The minimal disruption will protect the corals and also reinforces the foliage around the island.


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For its design and its protection for the environment of the island, Park Hyatt becomes the first resort with a Green Globe certification in the Maldives. It gives to this park based on the Design, Planning, and Building standard of a resort.



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The main challenges of this resort are about locating and inserting the villas program and the public facilities without disturbing the equilibrium and the natural flow of the sea and island environment. With a suitable construction, it will support the sea villa for the preservation of the corals.



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The design of Park Hyatt is inspired by the local and indigenous forms with the privacy and comfort for the guests. The main arrival form is designed based on the Maldivian Dhoni boat, a traditional thing to be used for the inter-atoll navigation.

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The boat is full of distinctively ribbed timber hull. The timber is turned upside down to make an awesome and sheltered reception area at the resort. The Dhoni hull is made from the traditional craftsman, ensuring the authentic character of timber details and sizes.



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The villa design is kept simple and also clean with the framing views to maintain the visitor privacy. A simple living block is used to wrap the timber roof rafters. It will protect and shade the seating areas and the open timber deck.



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The cultural and environmental sensitivity is researched carefully. The purpose is about implementing an appropriate response to the conceptual design stages. The cultural integration also becomes a resort key consideration for the operational and construction phases.

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