Trieste Airport: A Relaunching of Big Airport with Modern Facilities

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Trieste Airport is a relaunching project of working partnership between Lombardini22 and FUD. This big airport is located in Trieste, northeast Italy. Previously, the name of this airport was Ronchi dei Legionari Airport. It changes to Trieste Airport after Lomardini22 designs the visual communication system in this airport. Today, Trieste Airport offers a lot of modern facilities for the best services.


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The new intermodal platform in Trieste Airport opens to the public with some of the best facilities. There are a lot of new transports with the combination of a coach/bus station, a totally redeveloped airport, a ground-level car park, a new multi-storey car park, and also a railway station.

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Trieste Airport also has an internal road network. This network is available in both private and public roadways. The pedestrian can link the other facilities and the airport with 425 m of an overhead walkway covering. It can be reached by moving walkways, escalators, lifts, and also fire escapes.



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The use of glass and steel for the pedestrian walkway is designed by Lombardini22 and FUD. They have a careful study of the airport location to design it well. The color pattern is inspired by the surroundings, it replicates the farmland layouts.



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The facade color and material are designed based on the sky and ground with the rhythmic pattern of the solid spaces. Lambordini22 also designed the walkaway on the modular feature according to the Trieste Airport’s iconic symbol. The design can create a new compositional feature for the facade.



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Trieste Airport is built with an awesome connectivity and continuity. The easily and new entrance is opened with the walkaway at the same time. The working partnership with FUD means there is a good consistency in this project, especially for the interiors and image of the airport.



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Trieste Airport 4

The main color of Trieste Airport is blue. The authentic chromatic leitmotif can be seen on the interior and the image of the airport. It becomes the most attractive thing to welcome the people and passengers who working or using the facilities in the airport.



Trieste Airport 2

With the modern design and facilities, Trieste Airport can be the best airport ever in Italy. The feature combination in this airport is used to transform it from a regular terminal into an eye-catching modern public service with the best facilities.

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