Buffalo Bayou Park: A Big Public Space with Planting Strategy

Buffalo Bayou Park 6

Buffalo Bayou Park is a big public space with 16 acres in size. The site is fully renovated to create urban ecological services and also pedestrian accessibility. The park is also designed with two new bridges to connect the neighborhoods around the site. Buffalo Bayou Park doesn’t only offer a healthy place for the neighborhoods but also an awesome recreation place.


Buffalo Bayou Park 1

Buffalo Bayou Park 2

The park is designed with detail techniques called utilizes channel stabilization. It can enhance the natural meanders of the bayou and also increasing the resiliency against floodwaters. The design also can preserve the culturally significant waterway stays in its beauty.



Buffalo Bayou Park 3

Buffalo Bayou Park 4

The planting strategy is used to create a green and healthy space in the park. This strategy is done by reducing a half of mowed turf. It is replaced with naturalized meadows and also riparian woodlands complete with the native species too.



Buffalo Bayou Park 5

Buffalo Bayou Park 6

The landscape of Buffalo Bayou Park will be more stable to provide the best habitat. Using Texan species, it can return a place sense to the city around the park. All of the walkways, plantings, and lighting are built to withstand the periodic flooding.



Buffalo Bayou Park 7

Buffalo Bayou Park 8

Today, Buffalo Bayou Park offers a continuous pedestrian, bike trails, public art, safety provisions, and also special maintenance. Previously, the waterway along the Promenade was full of trash but today it is full of fish, herons, ducks, and turtles.



Buffalo Bayou Park 9

Buffalo Bayou Park 10

Buffalo Bayou Park is designed to correct some damages around the site. It can reduce the pollution, erosion, and other damages by the invasive species. This park becomes not only the best place for the neighborhoods but also for their dogs.


Flood Control

Buffalo Bayou Park 11

Buffalo Bayou Park 12

The architect and designer work together to make naturalized banks. It will support the flood control capacity around the site. This flood control can also make the river around the park becomes healthy and better for the living things.



Buffalo Bayou Park 13

Buffalo Bayou Park 14

Buffalo Bayou Park is the winner of 2016 Houston Business Journal for Community Impact. This park also won 2015 Best of Urban Design from The Architect’s Newspaper. These awards prove how good and awesome this park is as a public space in Houston, Texas.

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