Main Street Garden Park: Downtown Vitality for Everyone in Texas

Main Street Garden Park 6

Main Street Garden Park is designed to be a downtown vitality for everyone in Dallas, Texas, United States. This garden park scope is about landscape architecture with 1.75 acres in large. The purpose of Main Street Garden Park is giving the needs of the residents who live in high-rise residential buildings. The residents with their family can enjoy the outdoor time well around their own residential.

Downtown Revitalization Strategy

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The strategy of Main Street Garden Park needs a key component, especially about razing the two city blocks of the buildings and also the garages to make a way for the transformation. The transformation of the area into a vibrant public space like this will be a good thing for the civic life.


Two-Acre Park

Main Street Garden Park 2

Main Street Garden Park 3

The two-acre park is designed to accommodate the resident needs of an open space in the high-rise residential buildings. Main Street Garden Park is also perfect for university students and also faculty, the Main Street shoppers, and even the office workers to get some relaxing times.


New Urban Core

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Main Street Garden Park 5

Main Street Garden Park becomes the new urban core in Dallas city. The architecture design looks like Mercantile Bank Building and also the Beaux-Arts City Hall but it doesn’t have a newest 21st-century design profile yet. The design is about a careful program to ensure the park’s success for the resident need.


Key Park Elements

Main Street Garden Park 6

Main Street Garden Park 7

Main Street Garden Park is built with an open lawn and also performance space with some key park elements. The elements are tot lot, seating areas, urban stream with the marble seat slabs, central plaza, an urban dog run, a “striated” garden, lush plantings, and also the illuminated green glass study-room shelters.


Green Roof Civic Canopy

Main Street Garden Park 8

The green roof civic canopy is hovering the raised cafe terrace and the park pavilion. The artful light installation makes the garden room shelters look awesome and also enhances the Main Street in the whole evening.


Random Spaces

Main Street Garden Park 9

The random spaces in Main Street Garden Park like the large open lawn, fountain plazas, garden rooms, and cafe terraces will be the host neighborhood and the civic events for the daily use together. It will also bring a new life and vitality to Dallas.

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