South Waterfront Greenway: The Reclamation of The River’s Edge for Public Recreation

South Waterfront Greenway is located in Portland, Oregon, United States. It is an urban design of the reclamation for public recreation on the river’s edge. This project is done by SWA in 24-acres of an area along the Willamette River. South Waterfront Greenway also includes an extension of City’s downtown’s parks.


South Waterfront Greenway 1

South Waterfront Greenway 2

South Waterfront Greenway 3

SWA works together with the City of Portland, natural resource advocates, and also developers to design this big public space. They make a rational plan that can give a good access and activities and the main target without any compromising to the habitats.



South Waterfront Greenway 4

South Waterfront Greenway 5

South Waterfront Greenway 6

Today, South Waterfront Greenway offers a lot of things to be enjoyed for the people around the Oregon city. It has various spaces such as boat launches, cantilevered pier overlooks, terraces, sloping lawns, and meadows. Those spaces are connected to light rail systems, bikeway, and tramway.



South Waterfront Greenway 7

South Waterfront Greenway 8

South Waterfront Greenway 9

South Waterfront Greenway is a model of new urban waterfront parks which is different from South Waterfront Park as a cultural and historical heritage. It can meet a combination of cultural, growth goals, and also environmental on the common ground.



South Waterfront Greenway 10

South Waterfront Greenway 11

South Waterfront Greenway 12

An urban design is used in South Waterfront Greenway to give the best place for public recreation. The people around the site can walk and bring their dogs together too to enjoy the facilities and the view of the river’s edge.



South Waterfront Greenway 13

The extension of the City’s downtown’s parks is about 1 – 1/2 mile with the river’s edge reclamation. This extension is planned based on the rational plan to create an easy place that can be accessed by all people in the site’s city.

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