SP Nursery: Play Spaces Inside The Big Building

SP Nursery 2

SP Nursery is a big nursery building in Fukushima, Japan. The purpose is about inserting a lot of play spaces for the children. Today, outdoor play areas for the children is limited because of fo the earthquake that can cause a nuclear power plant accident around the play areas. SP Nursery comes with the best facilities of play spaces inside the building.

Play Spaces

SP Nursery 4

The play spaces of SP Nursery are located inside the building, not on the outside. The building is designed in a modern style with a large landscape. The white wall and flat roof can be seen even from a distance. Children can enjoy playing inside the building on the indoor sandpit, wide corridor, and also pool.


Indoor Sandpit

SP Nursery 2

When the children can’t play with sand as they want on the outside, now they can do it inside the SP nursery building. The sandpit is designed with a comfortable design. They can fully fit into the sand area or just sit watching their friends play.



SP Nursery 3

Children love to run. That’s why the corridor inside the SP Nursery building is made in a wide size. This corridor is also designed with a full wooden floor which is safe for them to run. They can also enjoy the view through the large glass wall along the corridor.



SP Nursery 1

The indoor pool is also inserted to be one of the best play spaced for the children. This pool is also completed with a small staircase just like other outdoor pools. All children can play freely in this pool because it is not too deep at all.

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