Andritz Offices: New Offices for Plant Engineering Group in New Delhi, India

Andritz Offices 10

Andritz Offices has been designed by GeoDesigns for Andritz, the plant engineering group in New Delhi, India. The new offices are built based on the client need as a leading supplier of plants, steel, metalworking industries, biomass pelleting, and also animal feed. The whole size of Andritz Offices is 22,600 sqft and it has been completed in 2017.

About Andritz

Andritz Offices 10

Andritz is a publicly listed technology Group that has a headquarter in Graz, Austria. This group operates at least 250 sites in more than 40 countries. The New Delhi offices have been executed and designed by GeoDesigns who work with some designers from Cherry Hill Interiors Pvt. Ltd.


Industrial Nuances

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Andritz Offices in India is built with the industrial nuances that come from the exposed materials of metal, wood, and concrete. The design is also about nature elements of Andritz business such as a hydropower generation and the lighting fixture in a hydro turbine form on the ceiling.


Reception Lobby

Andritz Offices 9

This area has a reception table in the double-height space. The table is placed along the lighting column designed in ‘A’ form. This form is a symbol of the Andritz logo. The purpose is about showing the corporate identity through the interior design.


Meeting Areas

Andritz Offices 1

The meeting areas come in a shipping container form with an orange highlighted furniture. The wall shows the companies passion in working with some different awards and also the self-branding of this awesome company.


Industrial Feel

Andritz Offices 2

The industrial feel can be seen clearly through the office interior design. The interior is full of the exposed ceiling with the service conduits and AC ducts. The concrete floor adds the industrial feel too complete with the yellows lines between the working bay to make a clear difference of seating area and the walking path.


Informal Ambiance

Andritz Offices 6

Andritz Offices 7

The informal ambiance can be felt in the cafe by seeing the wooden trusses. The whole office spaces create the right industrial image to complete the Andritz brand. This also makes the offices not only comfortable but also perfect as a working space for the whole workers.

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