Dai Forni: Elegant Interior of Fine Dining Restaurant on the Top Floor of Hotel in Kuwait

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Designed by Kokaistudios, Dai Forni is a fine dining restaurant located on the top floor of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. It is an Italian restaurant with an awesome elegant interior in Kuwait. The total size of this restaurant is 550 square meters and the interior design has been completed in 2017. The best thing about Dai Forni is not only its amazing interior but also its Italian food, services, and facilities.


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Dai Forni 10

The elegant interior in this restaurant has a luxury style with the furniture, lighting system, and materials. The gold atmosphere makes the interior feels very fancy. This restaurant has a large outdoor terrace that shared with the Asian restaurant which is also designed by Kokaistudios.



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Kokaistudios also uses an oasis concept combines with the large custom designed glass sculpture. This glass sculpture can beautify the elegant interior of the restaurant with its role as a central water feature in the middle area among the comfortable restaurant tables and chairs.



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At the front dining area, there is an entrance corridor with an amazing 12-meter high space. This space offers spectacular views of the Kuwait city and also the Persian Gulf. The architect uses a custom designed metal mesh curtain for the restaurant space with a diffuses lighting system to make soft and glow effect.



Dai Forni 4

Located on the top floor of a high building, it is very important to maintain the interior temperature of the restaurant. With the intense sunlight during the days, the laser elaborate system designed by the architect can cut the large curtains to maintain the cool temperature inside the restaurant.



Dai Forni 2

The meeting point design of Dai Forni can be seen at the culture combination between Europe and the Middle East. The design process makes this restaurant as a part of regional emerging global cultural culinary which is trending these days. The smells, textures, and tastes also become important parts for the culinary heritage and geography for the restaurant.



Dai Forni 5

The center stage is shown with the three large hand-hammered custom-made copper wood-burning ovens, located on the right side of the entrance corridor. The daily operation of these big ovens can create an awesome flavor and smell of bread and pizza with the Hungarian fragrant wood.



Dai Forni 3

Dai Forni 1

The seating area is semi-circular, designed with the custom chandeliers. This design is extended to the interlinkable private dining rooms. Kokaistudios also works together with Italy to Australia of world-renowned craftsman to bring some subtle design instruments.

Via kokaistudios

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