Wanchai Studio: The Former Studio Space in Wanchai, Hong Kong

Wanchai Studio 6

This former studio space called Wanchai Studio has a dreamy gradient wall with a long library wall. Bean Buro Team changes that wall from blue to a turquoise color. The total large of this studio is 900 sqft. The main concept of Wanchai Studio is about speed and budget while creating a creative space for a fun office.

Interior Concept

Wanchai Studio 1

The interesting thing about Wanchai Studio is the turquoise wall. This wall is not only designed with a beautiful concept but also about functionality. The wall is used to put the bookshelves where all people in the studio can find or put back some books easily.

There are also two oversized pendant lights right in the middle of the studio space. These pendant lights are used to give the best lights to the central meeting table. At the other side of the wall, there is a gallery wall that showing the casual exhibition from the recent production of the studio.


Meeting Table

Wanchai Studio 2

The meeting table has 800 x 2000 x 740 mm in size. The central space of the studio is used as gather staff space, greet visitors space, and also encourages social interactions. With the large pendant lights, this central space becomes more comfortable.


Pre-Fabricated Elements

Wanchai Studio 3

Bean Buro Team tries to make the best office space with a fun feeling based on the budget and speed. That’s why they use a large of pre-fabricated elements to reduce the site construction time. These awesome elements can be relocated in the future and also have a long life cycle to save money.


Affordable Materials

Wanchai Studio 4

Wanchai Studio is designed with a lot of affordable materials. Not only for the basic materials but also for the furniture inside this studio. The felt fabric for example. It has high acoustic properties and it is used to create some materials in the studio, like large pendant lights, meeting chairs, and curtains.


New Workplace Type

Wanchai Studio 5

Wanchai Studio 6

Wanchai Studio is kind of a new workplace type which is comfortable for the office staff. The careful materials that Bean Buro Team choose are relaxed and also homey. Surely it will make the staff to be more productive and also engages with one and each other to work in one place. Now the studio has been relocated to the new larger space in Wong Chuk Hang.

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