5 Cool Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

The interior design of a bedroom represents the style and taste of its owner. Each bedroom in a house usually has different interior designs. The best bedroom interior design to have is one that can create a comfortable atmosphere with a unique appearance that reflects the owner’s character. If your need more inspiration for your own bedroom, here are some cool bedroom interior design ideas.


1. Innocence in Zen by HAO DESIGN

Innocence In Zen 18

The bedroom interior design idea in Innocence in Zen offers beauty with a simple zen interior. The bed of this room is highlighted in a combination of white and blue while the wall behind it is designed in wood material. A warmer rug is also added to create a zen look.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


2. House of Chen by HAO DESIGN

House Of Chen 3

In this old apartment, the bedroom interior design is beautified in a vintage style with original brick. House of Chen has a warm bedroom interior that comes from the brick and wooden floor. It is a perfect bedroom interior design for those who love to have an extraordinary bedroom.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


3. Marvels Safehouse by HAO DESIGN

Marvel's Safehouse 3

This bedroom is a perfect room for a hero. Marvel’s Safehouse has an awesome bedroom that designed with an industrial interior design in a natural cement-based environment. With a strong appearance, this bedroom is comfortable for the owner, a 30-year-old engineer.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


4. The Lego Play Pond by HAO DESIGN

The Lego Play Pond 5

In this unique home, the bedroom interior design idea utilizes some bright colors. The bed is a combination of Tosca, green, and grey. The wall behind the bed in The Lego Play Pond is beautified in Tosca with colorful lego decorations. Even the side table of the bed also comes in a lego shape too with a colorful appearance.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


5. Outer Space for Kids by HAO DESIGN

Outer Space For Kids 7

Same as previous ideas, the bedroom interior design idea in Outer Space for Kids uses some different bright colors to beautify the interior. The bed is large with a combination of grey, white, black, and yellow. The wall behind this bed is also colorful with the same appearance as the curtains.

Photography: HAO DESIGN