5 Beautiful Interior Design Ideas

Besides comfortable, your home should be a lovely and beautiful living place. Each homeowner surely has different tastes of interior design for their homes, but the concept of comfortable and beautiful appearance is the same. If you need more ideas to beautify your home, here are some beautiful design ideas to inspire you.


1. The Family Playground by HAO DESIGN

The Family Playground 14

This family home has a modern interior design in its rooms. The Family Playground is designed with the concept of moving the dining room and kitchen to the living area as an integrated area. The kitchen is also re-defined from crowd and dark into a large and bright area by the architect.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


2. Block Village by HAO DESIGN

Block Village 3

It is an awesome 39.6 square meters of a futuristic home with a contemporary interior. Block Village is also designed with some spatial functions. The beautiful light from the balcony of this home is revealed to the interior by using some interior elements.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


3. Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN

Recall Casa 10

The interior design idea of this residence uses a combination of industrial style and vintage interior. Recall Casa looks like a unique loft cafe with a gramophone record, a vintage camera, and an old movie poster that make it unique.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


4. Bloemendaal Villa by i29 Interior Architects

Bloemendaal Villa 3

This beautiful villa offers a minimalist interior with an awesome connection to nature. Bloemendaal Villa has a perfect concept design for its interior, especially to respect nature and the owner of this house with its elements and spaces.

Photography: i29 Interior Architects


5. A Hole New Apartment by i29 Interior Architects

A Hole New Apartment 7

This apartment has a beautiful modern interior with a lot of holes as handgrips. Previously, A Hole New Apartment has a lot of spaces that ‘lost’ on the wide and long hallways. The architect then opens up this apartment with a modern interior design.

Photography: i29 Interior Architects