16 Top Patio Decorating Ideas

Patio Decorating Ideas 11

When you already decor the indoor area nicely, you can’t miss the outdoor area too. Home exterior is related to all part of your outdoor area, especially the patio area. This area is not only useful for enjoying the view around your home but also become one of the perfect spots to have best quality time with your family. Lighting, plants, and furniture are some media that you can use to decor your patio. Check out these 16 patio decorating ideas first if you need awesome decoration.


1. Fall Patio Bar

Patio Decorating Ideas 1

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The fall season is a good timing to have the best time outside your home. You can make a mini bar at your patio complete with the foods.


2. Patio Decor with Furniture and Candles

Patio Decorating Ideas 2

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If you often use your patio to enjoy your free time, make sure you complete it with patio furniture and some candles to decor it.


3. Patio Decor with Swing

Patio Decorating Ideas 3

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A big patio area with beams on the ceiling is very special. When you need addition chair, you can make some swings with the beams.


4. Patio Light String with Lanterns

Patio Decorating Ideas 4

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Using some lanterns and also light string for your patio will make it looks very romantic. A perfect place to have lovely dinner with your love.


5. Fresh Patio Decor

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Some plants on your patio will not only make it looks fresh but also pretty as the part of your home exterior.


6. White Patio Table with Flowers and Lanterns

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If you put some lanterns, candles, and flowers on a white table, the table will look very cute. It is a perfect decoration for your patio.


7. Patio Extra Lighting

Patio Decorating Ideas 7

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Adding some extra lighting to the patio is a good idea. Especially when you have an awesome big garden with plants.


8. Dining and Lounging Areas with Patio

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The best part of having large patio area is you can use it as an outdoor dining room or lounging area. It has multipurpose for your need so it is necessary to decor it as good as possible.


9. Christmas String Light and Lanterns for Patio

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Your patio area also needs a beautiful decoration when Christmas comes. Using string lights with lanterns around the Christmas tree is perfect.


10. Garden Fence Decor

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Mason jar is very flexible to use. You can use it as both indoor and outdoor lighting, including your patio and garden fence.


11. Natural Patio Decorating Idea

Patio Decorating Ideas 11

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Turn your patio into a natural outdoor deck. Wooden bench, fence, string light and some plants will create an awesome deck.


12. Recycle Milk Can

Patio Decorating Ideas 12

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Turn your old milk can into something beautiful and useful for your patio. It can reuse as a good pot for your plants.


13. Beautiful Farmhouse Table

Patio Decorating Ideas 13

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A farmhouse table at your patio is not only useful as outdoor furniture to put some stuff but also become nice patio decoration.


14. Rustic Galvanized Metal Porch Planters

Patio Decorating Ideas 14

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The best area to put some flowers pots is near your front door. Get some old metals things like milk can or container to make some unique planters.


15. Patio Rustic Lighting

Patio Decorating Ideas 15

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If you have some beams on your patio ceiling, you can use it to put some light string. It looks rustic and also beautiful.


16. Corner Planters with Lanterns

Patio Decorating Ideas 16

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Corner planter on your patio spot will not complete without any additional accessories. You can use lanterns with candles to complete it.

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