6 Beautiful Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Font 6 Apartment 11

The kitchen these days is not only the main place for you to cook and deliver special meals for your family but also a special place to gather with them. As one of the essential rooms in your home, you also need to decorate it as beautifully as possible. Here are some beautiful kitchen decoration ideas with awesome inspiration for you.


1. Aviv Apartment by Estudio BRA Arquitetura

Aviv Apartment 4

Designed as a modern apartment, the kitchen decorating idea in Aviv Apartment is about giving a decorative and unique appearance through its wall. The wine rack on the corner of the kitchen also becomes another unique decoration that can invite people to drink and enjoy the view.

Photography: Estudio BRA Arquitetura


2. Meeting Street by Basic Projects

Meeting Street 2

This project is a kitchen renovation with a clean and classic interior design. With this design, Meeting Street has a unique kitchen where some classic decorations are also used to beautify the kitchen interior such as a classic kitchen island and classic kitchen stuff.

Photographer: Mae Pate


3. Mountain Cottage by Basic Projects

Mountain Cottage 7

It is an English cottage that has a simple traditional interior design. This design also can be seen in the kitchen. Mountain Cottage offers traditional English accents in its kitchen by the use of a classic rug and classic wall art. These are a perfect decoration that matches the design theme of the house.

Photographer: Urban Electric Co


4. Font 6 Apartment by Estúdio BRA

Font 6 Apartment 11

With a modern eclectic interior, this compact apartment provides a comfortable living place and also a colorful appearance. The kitchen decorating idea in Font 6 Apartment is about using different colors to create an inviting and interesting style. The blue color is combined with the beautiful pattern of the marble kitchen island and wall.

Photographer: Roberto Ruiz


5. EH House by Andra Matin

EH House 18

This weekend villa has a contemporary interior and also warm gathering areas. In its kitchen, EH House utilizes wood materials as the main decoration to beautify the interior. These materials come from the floor, storage, wall, ceiling, and also furniture of the dining area in the middle of the kitchen.

Photographer: Mario Wibowo


6. Cazo Apartment by Estúdio BRA

Cazo Apartment 3

Designed with a modern minimalist interior, Cazo Apartment has a beautiful kitchen interior decorated in different soft colors. The kitchen decorating idea for this kitchen combines three different colors: white, blue, and wood color. The result is a pretty kitchen with a comfortable atmosphere.

Photographer: Maíra Acayaba

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