Aviv Apartment: Contemporary Interior of A Modern Apartment with Connected Spaces

Aviv Apartment 9

Aviv Apartment belongs to an architect and a musician, located in Sao Paulo around the Brooklin neighborhood. This modern apartment is designed with contemporary interior and connected spaces made by the architect from Studio BRA. This interior project takes 105 meter square of the total area and it has been completed in 2014.


Aviv Apartment 1

Aviv Apartment 2

The main goal of the Aviv Apartment interior project is about a good living place that can be used for the couple to receive friends for weekly serenades. With the contemporary interior design and some used elements, each space in this apartment can be connected well and visually offering an awesome look to be seen.



Aviv Apartment 3

Aviv Apartment 4

The contemporary interior design in this apartment is combined with the spatial and visual fluidity of the interior environments. The architect removes the existing glass that sectioning the balcony and room. It makes the height of the floors and materiality can be matched well. The interior also feels warmer with the wooden floor and the natural white background of the wall.



Aviv Apartment 5

Aviv Apartment 6

The TV room is designed from a former seating area. The architect also redesigns the old porch seating as musical wheels based on the couple’s highly desired. The bedroom is a little bit different from other public spaces in this apartment. The grey wall is combined with the white headboard, creating a matching look with the bed too.



Aviv Apartment 7

Aviv Apartment 8

There is also furniture designed by the architect, located between the dining room and TV room. This furniture can create a continuity connection between interior environments. It also can be used as storage to organize electronic devices and dishes. Some objects and books can be exhibited too, decorating the contemporary interior at the same time.



Aviv Apartment 9

The wood and iron are mixed together to design the furniture of Aviv Apartment. The mixing process is done by passing the industrial language into the environment of the apartment. Both of those materials are perfect to complement the beautiful wood material of the floor and the elegant glass material of the wall and windows.

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