17 Brilliant DIY Kids Toy Storage Ideas

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 1

Kids usually have more stuff than yourself. Especially all their favorite toys. As their parents, you may find some difficulties to keep their toys nicely. Kids sometimes will not put their toys back to the storage if the storage is not suitable for them. Every kid also have different needs, so you may also have to provide bookshelf if they love to read books. Instead of buying new storage for your kids, you can try these 17 DIY kids toy storage ideas to save your home space and also tidy up your kid’s toy.


1. DIY Mount Boxes

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 1

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Square boxes are not interesting for your kids. Use box storage with mount shape will give them good interest to put their toys back in its place.


2. DIY Wood Crate Tractor

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 2

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You can have two things with one need only, crate. Make a crate tractor with nice color painting will be your kid’s awesome storage.


3. DIY Outdoor Organization

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 3

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Kids are not always playing inside the home. They also love to play some outdoor game outside the home. You may prepare some storage like shelves and basket for their toys.


4. DIY Crate Hot Wheels Storage

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 4

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Crate mini garage is perfect storage to keep your kid’s hot wheels. The crate can be one of their toys too as mini parking garage while playing the hot wheels.


5. Nursery Book and Toy Storage

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 5

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You can try to make one good spot to put the kid’s books along with their toys, so they will know where to have good reading and nice playing time.


6. DIY Toy Box with Casters

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 6

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When you don’t have any time to cut some wood and make a box, you can use crates as kid’s storage. The idea is about creating pretty storage with colorful fabric.


7. DIY Storage Kids with Ladder

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 7

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Using three ladders at once for your kid’s storage will complete what your kid’s room need. Paint the ladder with white color will be an awesome look.


8. DIY Outdoor Toy Storage with Sign

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 8

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Make your kid feel easier while playing on the outside by giving a nice sign for each storage. It will also teach them how to put something in order.


9. Saving Space DIY Toy Storage

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 9

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If you are a busy Mom and need to fix your kid’s toy, it is better to have a mini cupboard to put the toys nicely.


10. DIY Dool Storage

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 10

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Using lace or good fabric and glue, you can make a doll storage for your girls. Make sure you use super glue to prevent the dolls fall.


11. DIY Repurposed Wooden Cable Spool Table

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 11

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If you have old wooden cable spool, you have a chance to make a good storage and bookshelf for your kids with it.


12. Animal Stuff Storage Ideas

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 12

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Kids usually have a lot of stuff animal when they love about it, especially animal doll. Use bigger wire basket to put all of them in a nice place.


13. DIY Shoe Organizer for Animal Stuff

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 13

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You can change the use of shoe organizer as animal stuff storage. Along with it, hang some laundry baskets to put other toys.


14. DIY Hanging Toy Storage Ideas

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 14

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Hanging some dolls on the corner of your girl’s bedroom is better than put all of them on the bed. Your girl can get her doll and put it back easier.


15. Bath Toy Storage Idea

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 15

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Anywhere and anytime is not complete without playing. You may need toy storage inside your bathroom for your kids while taking a bath.


16. Doll Stroller Storage

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 16

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It is an easy idea to make a girl toy storage. Using some doll stroller as wall storage will give you cheapest storage ever.


17. Magnetic Car Holder

Diy Kids Toy Storage Ideas 17

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Magnetic car holder will tidy up your boy’s car in order. You will not have any toy mess anymore.

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