5 Cool Home Decor with Pictures

Queens Residence 2

Pictures can decorate your home beautifully. These are easy decorations for any kind of home (modern, contemporary, rustic). By using some pictures and hang them on your home wall, your home can have an interesting and inviting appearance. Need more ideas? Here are some cool home decor with pictures to inspire you.


1. Michigan Apartment by Tria Arquitetura

Michigan Apartment 11

Designed to be a cozy living place, Michigan Apartment is decorated with a unique picture on its living area. This apartment is also beautified with wooden elements such as wooden chairs, storage, and floors.

Photographer: Julia Ribeiro


2. Jardins Apartment by Tria Arquitetura

Jardins Apartment 7

This comfortable apartment offers a decorative living room with an artistic picture on the wall and a beautiful patterned rug. With these decorations, Jardins Apartment can provide a perfect living place for the owners.

Photographer: Julia Ribeiro


3. Jackson Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Jackson Residence 5

It is an elegant and calm retreat with less decoration in its interior spaces. The only home decor with a picture can be found in its living area. With this one awesome decoration only, Jackson Residence can be turned into an extraordinary residence.

Photographer: Nic Lehoux


4. Queens Residence by MASS STUDIO

Queens Residence 2

It is a single-family residence with a lot of decoration that can be found inside. Queens Residence uses some artistic pictures to decorate the wall of its living and dining area. With the patterned rug, the interior decoration of this residence is completed awesomely.

Photography: MASS STUDIO


5. Haus Gables by MALL

Haus Gables 17

Besides hanging pictures on walls for your home decoration, you can also try this one. In Haus Gables, some pretty pictures are put on the floor and leaning on the wall. It is one of the clever ideas when you still want to have clear walls and also awesome pictures for the decoration at the same time.

Photography: NAARO, Timothy Hursley

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