17 Stunning DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 15

The bedroom is one of your room in a home that needs some storage for your clothes, bedcover, shoes, books, and much more. If you have a small bedroom, it will be more difficult to have good storage as you need because of small space. Every bedroom needs different storage based on the room owner needs. The best solution for this is making your own DIY bedroom storage. When you have no idea what kind of bedroom storage that you can use in your bedroom, you’d better check these 17 DIY bedroom storage ideas first.


1. Bedroom Storage under The Bed

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 1

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The best idea to give your small bedroom proper storage is using the space under the bed. Making your bedframe higher will give you more free space to keep the bedroom stuff.


2. Bedroom Corner Storage

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 2

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It is very important to use as much as your bedroom space so you can have more chance to get storage space just like this bedroom corner storage.


3. DIY Wall Canvas with Hidden Jewelry Storage

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 3

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If you need safer storage for your jewelry, you can use these DIY hidden jewelry storage. Using flower canvas as the cover will keep your jewelry nicely.


4. Under-The-Bed Storage

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Under-The-Bed storage will be tidier if you use another simple storage like wire basket. The basket can organize your bedroom stuff better.


5. Wooden Headboard Storage

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 5

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Making a bedroom storage from your bedroom headboard can be a perfect storage for a book lover. It is easier to grab some books from your own bed.


6. Corner Shelf and Desk

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Your bedroom corner can be changed into a perfect spot for your desk and also storage like a shelf. You will save your bedroom free space more.


7. White Wooden Box Table

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 7

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When bedroom table is not enough to keep your stuff, you’d better choose to use box table. You can have a pretty table and good storage only with one furniture.


8. High Corner Cupboard

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 8

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Bedroom with high ceiling should be used properly, especially if you need extra storage. The high cupboard will fit your need.


9. Bedroom Shelf Desk

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 9

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A small bedroom doesn’t need a desk with a big table. Try to use one wireframe that you can use as shelves and also a small desk.


10. Small Bedroom Ledge

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Small ledge near your bed will make your bedroom feels big. You can put your smartphone or your favorite drink on the ledge before sleeping.


11. Hidden Shoe Storage

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 11

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Some people love to keep their shoe collection inside the bedroom. If you are one of them, you can make a hidden storage for it.


12. Shoe Space under The Bed

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 12

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If you use your space under the bed to keep bedcover or pillow, now try to use it in a different way by making a shoe storage.


13. Rustic Under Bed Storage

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 13

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Big and thick bed frame must have a useful thing for you to have. It will be better if you have more storage under the bed with it.


14. Modern Mobile Cart

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 14

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The best thing about mobile cart in your bedroom is you can move it around them easy as you need.


15. Bedroom Book Shelves

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 15

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Put some boxes on the bedroom wall near your bed can be a perfect storage for your books.


16. Bedroom Drawer Separator

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 16

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Tired of mess drawer in your bedroom? Use drawer separator so you can organize your clothes better.


17. Big Clothes Storage under The Bed

Diy Bedroom Storage Ideas 17

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Actually, you don’t need any cupboard in your bedroom to keep your clothes. Just use your bed, especially the free space under it as a storage.

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