5 Stunning Bedroom Storage Ideas

Apartamento Morato 11

When you have a small bedroom, it will be more tricky to have good storage as you need because of limited spaces. Same as a big bedroom, arranging bedroom storage as well as possible is necessary to avoid wasting more space. Below, we have some stunning bedroom storage ideas for you with a lot of awesome inspiration. Check them out.


1. Apartamento Morato by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Morato 11

In this beautiful apartment, the bedroom is designed in a modern theme and decorated in different colors. For the bedroom storage idea, Apartamento Morato uses two wooden side tables as the main storage that put on each side of the bed.

Photography: Alessandro Guimarães


2. Apartamento Santos by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Santos 6

Same as the previous bedroom storage idea, the decorative bedroom in Apartamento Santos also uses two wooden side tables as the main storage that put on each side of the bed. The beautiful leaves pattern on the wall behind the bed can add a natural feeling inside this room.

Photography: Tria Arquitetura


3. The Grange by Feldman Architecture

The Grange 5

With contemporary ideals to the traditional aesthetic, The Grange looks comfortable and also inviting. In its bedroom, the use of side tables is a good idea to create simple storage. The area in front of the bed is filled with chairs and a wooden table to provide an additional sitting area for relaxing.

Photography: Matthew Millman


4. Butterfly House by Feldman Architecture

Butterfly House 5

This retirement retreat has a comfortable bedroom surrounded by glazed walls, so the owner can enjoy the view easily. For the bedroom storage idea in Butterfly House, this bedroom utilizes the wall area above the bed to be used as room storage. A wooden side table is also used to add more storage for this room.

Photography: Joe Fletcher and Jason Liske


5. Percy Street by Flyway Construction & Restoration

Percy Street 9

A unique beauty with a simple contemporary interior can be found in Percy Street, including in its bedroom. As a unique room, this bedroom uses a black wooden cabinet as the bedroom storage. The side tables on each side of the bed are used to put table lamps.

Photography: Olivia Rae James

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