10 Creative Toy Storage Tips for Your Kids

Young boy playing with his toys hiding in a storage bin
Young boy playing with his toys hiding in a storage bin

One of the many growing challenges in raising kids is when you need to organize their rooms. Since your kids are still small, style is most definitely the last thing on their mind. Things that matters a lot more for them are toys. Yes, toys and more toys, lots of them.

Because of that, you might have a hard time in getting the right storage for their toys. No worries, here are some of the creative toy storage tips that you can have. If you have different ideas and those are more suitable to your needs, it is even better.
So, what are the creative toy storage tips that you can choose? Here are some of them:

1. That space under their beds is not for monsters

Bed and wardrobe in small bedroom

Perhaps this can be the cure to their nonsensical fear with “the monster under their bed.” With storage carts for toys, ask your kids to organize their toys – either by size, color, or any other category they can think of. After putting each category into separate carts, pull the carts together under their beds.

“Now, the monster has to go, because your toys are there,” you can even tell them that – just as a light joke. Thus, you have a solution for three different problems:
– Their nonsensical fear of monsters.
– More dust under the bed.
– The clutter of toys on the floor (for this one, keep teaching them how to organize their rooms until the idea sinks in.)

2. Pallet wooden crates for their toy cart

You have found two spaces for their creative toy storage tips so far: the space under their beds and the carts themselves. Now how do we make or find the right carts? Pallet wooden crates will do. You can find the used ones in factories or warehouses.

To make them easier to go around, add some wheels under them. Your kids will have a pleasant time pushing them around.

3. Hanging bedside organizers

If you have an excellent knitting and designing skills, you can make hanging bedside organizers for your little kids’ toys (perhaps little girls are more into this than boys, but who knows?) They can put any toys they like in the pockets by their bed, whether it is their small stuffed animals, books, gaming devices, anything.

4. Re-purpose bookshelves

Have you got any old bookshelves you no longer use? Do not dump them just yet. You can arrange them into creative toy storage tips for your kids’ toys. Do not forget to add a basket for each of the shelves, so your kids will not just throw their toys into the shelves – which tend to bounce back and land on the floor.

5. Used can for their toy cars

If your kids love collecting toy cars, here is another unique idea to store them: used can. How come? Make sure the used cans are big enough for their toy cars. Cut off both ends before sticking them to one wall of their bedroom. Once you put them all close to each other with the toy cars in them, your kids can have their gallery of toy cars – and a place to store them.

6. Display dress-up clothes

Maybe your kids are not into toys, but they love role-playing. Maybe you also let them join drama class in school and collect costumes for dress-up. For kids with this specific interest, have a DIY garment rack where they can become their favorite characters and make up their own stories. Their costumes are their toys. Be grateful for these creative kids.

7. Decorated metal buckets

Buckets are not only for plants, but they can also store your little kids’ toys too. One of these creative toy storage tips involves decorating metal buckets with paint before putting the toys in them. Just like with the carts, you can get your kids to categorize their toys before separating them in different buckets. For example: put their sports balls in one bucket painted “BALLS” and toy cars and trucks in “TOYS & CARS” bucket.

This way, they will not have to worry about finding any toy they want. Well, unless they put their toys into the wrong buckets.

8. A video game storage plastered on the great wooden storage

You will need a mat board, some vinyl, double-backed tape, fabric, and some key supplies. You can hide them inside the cabinet or entertainment center door. With these individual holders, the discs and Wii games are safely stored but easily found. As long as you have the right materials to create this, you will only need two hours to get this done.

9. The forward-facing bookshelves

Whether it is a collection of comic books or novels, you can get your kids to use the forward-facing bookshelves. Store their favorite books by color coordination. Once they are much older, perhaps they want to store their books by genres. Then again, it is up to them.

10. Clear, see-through toy bags

These cute plastic toy bags are easy to make. With some fabric, thick clear vinyl, a drawstring cord, and fusible interfacing, you only need your sewing skill after that. You can make them as many as the kids’ toys and these bags are also easier to carry around. The kids will probably have even more fun with the bags too.

There are many other creative toy storage tips, and these are only ten of them. If you can find more ideas for your kids’ toys, then go ahead. Start experimenting. Most importantly, have fun while doing it.

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  1. The ikea expedit (and the alternative knock-offs) are good because you can use fabric baskets to hide things away (like blocks), but you can also display nice toys in the open. Some furniture stores have the same design, but made out of nice timber if that’s something you prefer.

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