19 Unique Home Decor Ideas with Plants

Home decor ideas with plants are the most popular ideas for a homeowner who love to have fresh plants in their home. These ideas will help you to make an amazing home decoration with your favorite flower and plants in a unique way. Plants are the best decoration for both home interior and exterior. You can also get fresher and healthier living space. Check out these 20 home decor ideas with plants that you can use to your own home.


1. Home Office Indoor Plants

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 1

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You can make awesome home office space using this home decor idea. Put some green plants around your desk and also the shelf. It looks fresher to see.


2. Glass Planter

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 2

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You can use some round jars as a planter. Hanging them using rope in your home will be the best decoration for your home.

3. Plant Decoration with Ladder

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 3

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A ladder has many functions in your home. You can also use it to put complete plants with the vase. Put the ladder in the best room of your home.


4. Bathroom Plant Wall

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 4

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The bathroom is a perfect room in your home to get plant decoration. Try to create one spot on your wall for plant decoration using wall shelf.


5. DIY Kitchen Plant Decoration

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 5

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If you don’t have any herb garden in your kitchen, at least you need to make your kitchen looks fantastic by putting some plants inside.


6. Hexagon Wire Planter

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 6

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Wall decoration is not about art craft. You can use plants to decor your wall home by making simple hexagon wire planter.


7. Hanging Trinkets

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 7

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Hanging trinkets with fresh plants inside can be used as your dining room centerpiece. It makes your dining room table looks great.


8. Candle Holder with Plants

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 8

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Candle and plants are two perfect things to make an awesome plant decoration. You can use it for any table in your home.


9. DIY Plants Shelving Windows

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 9

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Plants surely need sunlight. It is a usual thing when you put some plants near the window to get the sunlight. You can take this chance to make beautiful plant shelf on your window.


10. Corner Plant Decoration

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 10

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If your shelf looks so empty especially at the corner part, you can try to decor it with plants beside photo frame or candle.


11. Luxury Round Glass Pot

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 11

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Something that you can change to make your plant looks awesome is changing the pot using another unique pot such as glass pot.


12. DIY Upcycle Lightbulbs for Plants

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 12

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Transform your old light bulbs into decorative plant decoration is easy. You just need to put the plant inside the bulbs then hang it on your room ceiling.


13. DIY Shelf Planter

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 13

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If you want to make a focal decoration for your room, you can use a big shelf. Put some plants and books there will decor your room nicely.

14. Wall Hanging Plant

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 14

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You can change your old hanging lights by transforming it into fresh plant decoration. Make sure you put it on the perfect spot of your wall room.


15. DIY Monogram Planter
Home Decor Ideas With Plants 15

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Wooden box with a square shape is too ordinary for your flower. Change the box shape by making the new decorative one.


16. Wire Round Shelf for Plant

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 17

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Making one special shelf for your plant decoration is a nice idea. Try to customize the shape like round or oval shape.


17. Hanging Window Planter

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 18

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This plant decoration is very flexible. You can put or move some plants from the shelf as you wish. Useful decoration when you need it.


18. Planter Box Wall Decor

Home Decor Ideas With Plants 19

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Try to make a planter box using a wooden board. This storage is used as your home storage and also useful wall decoration.

19. Wire Hanging Plants


Home Decor Ideas With Plants 20

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It is very easy to use wire as your home decoration spot. You can put some fresh vines on it.


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