17 Coolest DIY Furniture Transformation Ideas

DIY Furniture Transformation 1

You can do DIY furniture transformation project to reuse your old furniture again. This is one of the clever ways to save money by not buying any new furniture which is surely more expensive. You don’t have to pay someone to transform your old furniture, just do it by yourself at home. Here are 17 examples of DIY furniture transformation ideas that you can try.


1. Tribal Furniture Transformation

DIY Furniture Transformation 1

Source: pinterest

Transform your old cabinet into the new one by using pretty pattern then paint it with suitable color as you want.


2. DIY Sofa Table Transformation

DIY Furniture Transformation 2

Source: pinterest

Furniture transformation can be done with one thing, paint. You can paint your sofa table with colorful paint to transform it look like new furniture.


3. DIY Lego Table

DIY Furniture Transformation 3

Source: pinterest

This DIY furniture transformation is perfect for your kids. Transform one of the old table by painting and reshaped it as your kids need for playing lego.


4. Furniture Legs Transformation

DIY Furniture Transformation 4

Source: pinterest

This one is very cool. Just by adding cabinet legs, you will have a new cabinet with mid-century style.


5. DIY Drawer Shelves

DIY Furniture Transformation 5

Source: pinterest

Take away some drawers from you old furniture. Fill it with family pictures and hang it on the wall as your interior decoration.


6. Prettier Cabinet Transformation

DIY Furniture Transformation 6

Source: pinterest

Change you old cabinet by painting it with awesome color. You can also make see-through cabinet door to make it looks awesome.


7. Updating TV Stand Storage

DIY Furniture Transformation 7

Source: pinterest

You can use any possible things to transform TV stand storage into a great one. For example wallpaper, fabric, and also paint.


8. DIY Bookcase Transformation

DIY Furniture Transformation 8

Source: pinterest

Don’t throw away your old bookcase. Apply your creativity on it for creating new amazing furniture for any needs.


9. Indoor to Outdoor Furniture

DIY Furniture Transformation 9

Source: pinterest

Home deck project? Don’t buy new furniture, make a new one! Take your furniture out then paint it with your chosen color.


10. Headboard into Bench

DIY Furniture Transformation 10

Source: pinterest

Save your old headboard by transforming it into a new small bench. You just need to repaint it with beautiful color.


11. TV Stand Makeover

DIY Furniture Transformation 11

Source: pinterest

Another great transformation for TV stand. You can put away the drawer then fill it with box or basket inside. Paint it for new looks.


12. DIY Dresser to Bench

DIY Furniture Transformation 12

Source: pinterest

This DIY idea is about transforming old dresser into a simple bench. Make sure you add the new color on it with new accessories too on the storage.


13. 2 Chairs into a Bench

DIY Furniture Transformation 13

Source: pinterest

The two old chairs are used for both sides of bench end. You just need to add some woods as the bench surface.


14. Dresser to Mudroom Bench

DIY Furniture Transformation 14

Source: pinterest

Old dresser also can be transformed into mudroom bench. Add some drawers as storage then pillows for the sense of comfort.


15. DIY Dresser to a Bench

DIY Furniture Transformation 15

Source: pinterest

Your old dresser can be changed into different new furniture with a new shape. For example long bench shape with awesome drawers.


16. DIY Bookshelf to Ballards Knockoff

DIY Furniture Transformation 16

Source: pinterest

The simple bookshelf can be transformed into amazing new furniture for your home. Prepare awesome color paint and or wallpaper to decor it.


17. DIY Upholstered Ottoman

DIY Furniture Transformation 17

Source: pinterest

Just repaint your old ottoman, get a pretty fabric, then do some transformation with it. You are already having the new ottoman.

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