Discover 7 Amazing Home Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Space

3D House interior

For your messy house, you may need home storage ideas to arrange your stuff in a better way. These ideas are perfect to organize your house stuff, especially when you have a lot of members of the family. By organizing your stuff properly, your house will not only look tidier but also comfortable and spacious. Here are some amazing home storage ideas for your home.

1. Canyon House by Aaron Neubert Architects

Canyon House 6

When you have staircases in your house, take a look at the wall near them. This wall can be redesigned to be additional home storage for your family. In Canyon House, the use of simple wooden boards can provide additional home storage. This storage can be a bookshelf or main place to put some decorations.

Photographer: Brian Thomas Jones


2. The Glen by rowland+broughton

The Glen 2

The simple and comfortable bedroom in The Glen has an area behind the bed that used as home storage. This idea is about providing more free spaces to move inside the bedroom by putting the storage behind the bed. Your bedroom space will be more spacious and comfortable.

Photographer: Brent Moss Photography


3. Ridge House by rowland+broughton

Ridge House 12

The playroom in Ridge House utilizes the wall behind the seating area. This home storage is used as a bookshelf to put some books and also some kid’s toys. The bottom part of the seating area also can be designed as drawers to provide additional storage for this room.

Photographer: Brent Moss


4. The Lookout – Mountain Home by rowland+broughton

The Lookout Mountain Home 24

Using your kitchen island as additional home storage is a brilliant idea. In The Lookout – Mountain Home, the part of the kitchen island that faces the small dining area is designed as small home storage to put small decoration or some books. It is a good idea for you who needs a small bookshelf without having to buy a new bookshelf.

Photographer: Brent Moss, Steve Mundinger


5. Railway Residence by Cushing Terrell

Railway Residence 5

Don’t let the corner area of the wall near your modern fireplace in your living area empty. This wall can be used to design simple home storage to put your family photos just like the living area in Railway Residence. It is a perfect idea for you who want to have a simple living area.

Photographer: Gibeon Photography


6. Fun House by ninemuses

Fun House 4

For your kids’ room, it may a little bit tricky to provide home storage. Kids love to play anywhere inside the house, including in their own room. The idea of home storage in Fun House is creating a fun area below the bed that equipped with a wooden stair. The box storage can be put next to this fun area that can be used as a bookshelf or toy storage.

Photographer: Matthew Gudykunst


7. Confluence House by Cushing Terrell

Confluence House 1

You can unite your small fireplace and your home storage in one big shape. The living area in Confluence House is completed with a small fireplace that put into big home storage. This idea collects the home storage in one specific area inside the house space to make space looks tidier and provide more free spaces to move as well.

Photographer: Karl Neumann

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