How to Create Safe and Modern Bathroom Design

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Bathroom designs offer endless possibilities, but all of them must fulfill safety standards. Modern bathroom design needs to provide general safety features, which prevent occupants from experiencing slip, fall, and other dangers. If you plan to create a specific design in a new bathroom, safety features must be the first considerations.

General Safety Features in Modern Bathroom

There are several general safety features designers can easily adapt to all bathroom designs. They are:

  • Enough space

Regardless of size, a good bathroom must have enough space, at least for maneuvering while doing the most basic activities (showering, washing body parts, turning around). Designers must also consider storage space, especially if the bathroom is small.

  • Proper light

A safe bathroom must be well-lit, either by natural light source or lamp. A designer must consider lighting source such as window (or even skylight). Proper lighting fixture must be easy to reach but installed in a safe way to prevent electrocution.

  • Good footing

A bathroom is naturally slippery due to moisture, but designers can still reduce the slip risk. Choosing textured tiles with visible grouts can be the start. If there is enough space, the bathroom can be divided into a tub, shower, and dry spaces.

  • Nonslip tub surface

If the tub is installed to bathroom structure, the surface must be safe for maneuvering. Many bathroom accidents occur when the occupants slip on the tub surfaces, hitting their heads on edge. Nowadays, there are many nonslip materials suitable to build a safe tub.

  • Curb-less shower stall

Curb-less shower stall is a term for stall design that does not have a raised threshold. This design was common in old shower stalls, but designers and homeowners have started to cut this part from the building project. Curb-less stall reduces slip and makes it easier for people with mobility issues to take a shower.

  • Accessible soap and shampoo containers

Soap and shampoo containers must be easily reached from standing position (in the shower) and sitting position (near the tub). This is to reduce risk caused by overreaching to get the soap and shampoo.

These general features are easy to apply in any bathroom designs. They are perfect for improving the bathroom experience and reducing injury risks.

Specific Safety Features in Modern Bathroom

An ideal bathroom design must fulfill the needs of its users, regardless of their conditions. If they have mobility issues or disabilities, the safety features must be specified to fulfill their needs. Some of the most common specific features include:

  • Safety bars

Safety bars may be installed near the shower or bathtub. These bars help users with wheelchairs or disabilities to maneuver in the bathroom. They are also ideal for families with small children, especially if their bathrooms have deep tubs.

  • Shower seat/stool

Shower seat helps occupants to shower comfortably. If there is no room to make a seat, a simple stool will do the job. However, the stool must have rubberized legs, to prevent injury because of the slippery floor.

  • Adjustable shower heads

Adjustable shower heads are perfect for a house with family members that have different heights. They are also ideal for those who need to take a shower in a sitting position.

These safety features are necessary for modern bathroom design. With simple additions, your bathroom will become the safest room in the house.


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