9 Important Tips to Renovate Your Home with Contemporary Stair

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One part of our house that probably doesn’t get the attention they deserve is the staircase. Only a few understand this part of our house plays a major role in the look and feel of our house. When your staircase looks old and outdated; it would reduce the value of your whole house.

No need to fret, though. There are many staircase styles to make your house looks more beautiful. You can choose a glass staircase, traditional staircase, or contemporary stair design. You may also renovate your staircase to have storage, especially when you really need extra space. As a focal point, renovation of a staircase is also capable of improving the first impression of your house and increase the value of your house as a whole.

Therefore, today I will provide a step by step guide on how to improve, remodel or even replace your staircase with a new one altogether. Whether you are professionals or DIY-lovers, these steps can be easily executed to improve your house.

1. Planning

The first step is preparing for the remodeling and plan properly. This step is crucial and will affect your next steps. I recommend you to plan what kind of remodeling you want. You can change newel posts, handrails, spindles or even the steps and risers.

Make sure to understand what kind of style you want to apply into your stairs. Therefore, you to do some research on the internet about contemporary stair designs to use in your home. Some websites also provide links to the store where you can buy the materials to remodel the staircase.

Before purchasing any material required, you might need to determine what kind of style and design for your staircase. The contemporary design can be a perfect choice since the design is popular these days.

Contemporary design requires large windows, odd shapes, glasses, and comfort. Using contemporary design, you will be able to find the materials required to remodel staircase easily. Contemporary design is very eclectic because it uses almost every other style and mixes them into a new style. Contemporary design is also referred as “west coast contemporary,” it mixes traditional design with modern design without being outdated. Thus, the possibility is limitless and you can get your own unique style.

2. Don’t forget to apply for council permits or application for a stair renovation

While you might not require to apply or to obtain any council permits, it is better to check your local authority and make sure that you follow house renovation code before commencing any work.

3. The steps and risers

The next step is start with the basic of the staircase, the steps, and risers. You will need to remove and cut steps and riser, then change them with the new materials. Then, you can test the steps and risers.

Start working on the bottom, and start with the riser first and the step after. Cover any gaps with moldings and keep the work until all new steps and risers are installed.

4. The landing area

For some staircase, it requires landing area to allow you use the staircase comfortably. Therefore, make sure to use wider steps and extension to renovate the landing area. After that, you will need to measure, cut, and test these parts before installing them into your staircase. To finish this step, make sure to use molding to hide the margins.

5. Newel Post

To replace the newel post, you will need to remove the old spindles, base rails, and handrails. You will also need to measure the height when installing the handrails—make sure that the handrails are at least 900 mm from the newel post.

Once everything is ready, you will need to bore a hole in the newel base. Then, you can use glue and screw to fixing the base and the dowel.

6. Install handrails and base rails

You can install the handrails and base rails, starting with the base rails. Check whether the base rails are fit properly, then secure them with screws. After that, place the appropriate handrails and secure them properly.

To achieve contemporary stair design, you can install spindles and add glass panels. However, make sure to get glass panels that fit into the handrail and base rails. Therefore, you might need to measure, cut, and install fillets to create space between the glass panels.

7. Lighting

It is a good idea to install additional lighting on top of your staircase to provide visibility and also improve the ambient of your whole house. With a good lighting, you may also provide warmth to a hallway or living space.

8. Paint

Don’t forget to give a brand-new paint into your stair. The right color within the staircase design can significantly impact the looks and your whole house. Therefore, make sure to think carefully about the color you want to use in your staircase.

9. Making an impact

You can add several material or accessories and even art works to transform your staircase into a beautiful focal point. Putting your favorite artworks on the wall next to your staircase will give an artsy and beautiful look. Alternatively, you can put decorative lamps for better lighting. You can also add decorative molding or ornate molding outside of your staircase to provide additional visual embellishment. It is also a great idea to add wainscoting to the wall for more polished looks.

Implementing these 9 steps, you will be able to remodel your old staircases and make them beautiful with contemporary stair designs.

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