10 Ways You Can Reinvent Nursery Decor Without Looking Like An Amateur

Being new parents is indeed exciting and also scary. There are a lot of things to think about, prepare, and accept at the same time. You are maybe still unsure what to do, even with the date of your first newborn approaching even closer. Not only making sure that the baby is safely born into this world, but you also need to create a safe, comfortable space for the baby at home.

Therefore, you need nursery decor tips. Especially for new parents, nursery decor tips will help you to feel not-so-clueless about how to create a safe place for your baby once he or she is brought home from the hospital. Surely, a lot of advice and suggestions can get you overwhelmed, but you might want to take a breather and read this bit by bit, before deciding which one is best:

1. A classic style for the safest choice

It is true that new ideas these days are so interesting. Some parents may come up with a specific theme as if preparing their child for their future career from Day 1. However, let us just be realistic here: he or she is still a baby. The safest choice is the classic style, like the color of the wall that is not too babyish (for example, baby blue, baby pink, or even bright yellow or green.)

This will be useful, especially if you plan to make it as your child’s room when he or she grows up. Use some removable accessories like wall decals. Regarding the wall paint, make sure the material is toxic-free (water-based paint or non-VOC), and the room itself has good ventilation.

  1. A personal touch

Add something simple and sweet. For your baby’s nursery room, plenty of colorful pictures and family photos on the wall will do. Babies love looking at different colors, shapes, and faces to stimulate their growing brains. This is also the phase when they start learning and recognizing familiar faces even from their changing tables while their diapers are changed.

3. Make the organization of things easier for you to reach

Looking after babies involve changing diapers, using wipes, changing table covers, using burp cloths, using a pacifier, etc. If you are alone, you do not want to risk having your baby roll off the changing table while you want to grab a diaper or a sheet of the wipe. Make sure those things are reachable so accidents can be avoided.

4. Choose your furniture wisely

Just like with the classic style, go for simple furniture. Consider safety and functions first before style. Besides, classic style always lasts. You can save money by not buying anything that is only a trend for a while, but then you have to remove them once they look – and feel – outdated.

Most importantly, the furniture makes a safer environment for you and your baby.

5. Choose one basic color

Either from a piece of artwork or a clothing print, and then use it as a central point for the nursery room for your baby. Unsure about how to decorate it? Choose one basic color as a central point. That way, the nursery room will look pulled together.

6. Keep the floor clean and free of cluttered stuff

This is the common accident that can happen in a nursery: cluttering stuff that can trip you over while holding the baby. Yes, it is indeed scary. Make sure you have enough functional space where you put things after you use them.

7. Avoid the possibility of stumbling over from how you place the furniture

In this nursery decor tips, there is one thing you need to consider as well: the safe placing of the furniture. This is not just about making sure that all you need is within your arms’ reach. This is about keeping cribs away from the window, for the blind cords can strangle your kid once they know they can play with it.

Another thing: when it comes to artwork, make sure that your child is not allergic to some materials, like paint for example.

8. Buy only washable things for the nursery

When it comes to taking care of your kids, efficiency is matters. Buy only washable stuff for the nursery or else you will be sorry. That way, you can allocate your energy for other activities, like playing with your kids and making sure that they are always well-fed and healthy.

9. Use shades in the daytime to help them to sleep

Babies sleep better in the dark because if it is still bright, they still think it is play time. No matter how cranky they are, they do not want to go to sleep. By faking night-time using the shades covering the windows and turning off the light, they soon will fall asleep.

10. Nursery storage, anyone?

Whether it is a toy box or a nursery cabinet, choose carefully. Make sure that the toy box has an open bin or an easy close lid to avoid the kid getting their finger caught. Things like diapers, wipes, creams, and other things should be put on the highest cabinet – out of your kid’s reach. You never know when you get distracted or when you have to leave your baby unattended, even for just a few seconds.

There are many other things regarding nursery decor tips. Perhaps you have some of yours too that you can share.

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