Creating a Well-Organized Stuffed Animal Storage

Buying animal stuffed toys for your kids is fun—until you realize you have too many of it. A few of them may be seen as a cute display for the bedroom, but one too many would take up space. While small toys like Lego, blocks, and puzzles can be stored easily on containers and chests, what about those fluffy animals?

Some people solve this stuffed animal storage problem by creating shelves. However, shelves mean that some of the toys might be hard to reach by the kids, and they tend to collect dust through time. In this case, a basket, a cage, a net, or a bag might be the best solution.

The Idea of Stuffed Animal Storage

Indeed, creating the stuffed animal storage depends on your kids’ habit. If they play with their stuffed animals regularly, it is best that you provide storage that is easy to reach and simple to tidy up. The use of a vertical “cage” with flexible net, working as the cage’s bar may give you those features.

Of course, make a smaller net for smaller stuffed animals. If you are a bit obsessed with organizing, separate the stuffed toys according to their size, color, or, theme in different baskets might be a good idea. To keep the room tidy, you may want to keep some of the toys on the bedside so that your kids can play with their favorite.

Another idea is to have them collected in a big bag with zipper. When the stuffed toys are in, the bag can double as a lounger in your kids’ bedroom. The benefit of this type of storage is that it is easy to clear up when they finish playing. Plus, a large bag with a zipper would be an effortless project to make.

Have Fun with Organizing

Choosing the right stuffed animal storage would depend a lot on the space you have. The bigger the space is, the more creative you can get with it. Taking the children to organize with you can be a nice idea. Let them collect which toys they need the most and which ones can go into the storage. You can create some sort of a small zoo using the stuffed animal toys.

Sort and Sort before You Organize

Have you heard that organizing would be a lot easier when there are fewer things to organize? It is recommended that you sort the stuffed animal toys and toss out the ones that are broken or too dirty to clean. Ask your children to participate in sorting the toys so that you both can create the perfect stuffed animal storage for them. Indeed, sorting is one of the most important steps to do in organizing your house.

Once in a while, it is nice to wash the stuffed animals as they would be dusty when displayed on an open shelf or baskets. That way, you are not just organizing the room but also creating a healthy and clean environment for your kids.

Though it needs a coordinating idea between the stuffed toys you have and the existing space, creating stuffed animal storage should be a fun thing to do especially if you can get the kids to be involved in organizing them.

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