11 Incredibly Useful Kitchen Organization Tips for Small House

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Not everybody can be like Martha Stewart, no matter how hard you try. She has been the icon for modern-day home life, especially when it comes to cooking and kitchen organization tips. This is also not about pleasing your husband and kids or trying to be a perfect homemaker.

This is more about having a comfortable home, where you and your family can relax. Nobody wants to see a messy kitchen or a chaotic-looking living room. It is one thing to have little kids who love playing around and another to have your teen ones throw a rather wild party.

However, if you can have simple, kitchen organization tips, you will not feel too lazy every time things get turned upside down. In fact, you can also teach everybody at home to do the same. You may be the wife and the mother, but they also live in the same house. It is time to start being more responsible together, not just you.

So, without further ado, here are some of the kitchen organization tips you can start practicing at home. After that, get them to be more familiar with the same things – and have a much cleaner, tidier, and – most importantly – relaxing home life.

1. A two-storey tin tray for your sauces and other ingredients

Why does it have to be a two-storey? Instead of storing all bottles of sauces, sugar, and salt sachets in one compartment, get this tray just for you. It saves some space, and you still have more in the compartment.

2. Cute baskets for your snacks

Let us think out of the box. No, wait. Better yet, use those boxes – or baskets – to store your snacks. Not only you keep them well-organized while putting the baskets inside the cupboard, but you will also help your little ones to control their appetite before dinner. Eat real foods first, munch snacks later.

3. Cookbooks and recipes on their open shelves

Please, treasure those cookbooks and separate recipes (whether they are cut-outs from a magazine or printed from a blog page.) It is a good thing if you put them all on their open shelves. Make sure they are not exposed to humidity and grease caused by the stove or the fridge.

4. Make good use of odd-empty spaces

Is there a not-so-small gap between the side of your fridge to the wall? Perhaps you can fit in a decent-sized table there, where you can also put kitchen utensils in the cupboard and a bowl of fruit on top of the table. Remember, if the odd-empty spaces can still fit other things, make the best use of them, so you will not end up storing dirt there instead.

5. Hanging aprons, potholders, and dish-towels

Want to save some decent space in the kitchen? You can hang your aprons, potholders, and dish-towels on the wall or under a built-in shelf. Make sure that they are two feet away or more from the stove or they might catch fire while you are cooking.

6. Eliminating what should not stay in the kitchen

This is probably the least concern most people have. One of the main issues is the entryway, while another is simply out of ignorance and laziness. Once you realize that some things should not stay in the kitchen (like your kid’s coat hanging next to an apron, for example), move them someplace else they belong to.

7. Classifying items and putting them in the same group

This is the easiest way to get things more organized in the kitchen. For example, you put all kitchen utensils, like spoons, forks, and knives, in the same basket or compartment in the drawer. That way, you will not have trouble finding them all, because look, they are stored in the same place, right next to each other. Yay.

8. Risers, anyone?

Does your kitchen cabinet need some space? There is no need to have it broken down and widened. Use risers to store your collection of kitchen bakeware, dishes, food storage containers, and anything else that you want. Just take your pick.

9. Cooking zone alert!

Want to fix something quick for breakfast before rushing off to work? This is something even the amateurs understand: store your pots and pans as close as possible to where the stove is. That way, they are only at your arm’s reach when you are in a hurry.

10. When hooks are not just to hang your aprons and dishtowels

Yep, this is what you should do if your kitchen is also your entryway. Add some hooks to hang your keys, so they do not hit the counter. Just in case you miss them, add a mailbox on top of the lining of the hooks.

11. A wicker basket for washcloths.

Yes, we still need those washcloths to clean the kitchen counter. Where do we put them? Use a wicker basket. Fold each piece of washcloth properly before sticking them in together. There, you have a row of well-folded, clean washcloths ready to use.

There are still many simple kitchen organization tips that you can find anywhere. From these 11 examples, which ones do you find workable? Have you got any other ideas on how to keep things tidy and well-organized in your kitchen? Share with us here on how to be your version of a kitchen goddess.

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