House in Quinta da Baroneza: A Large House Supported by Laminated Wood Beams

House In Quinta Da Baroneza 4

Located in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, Brasil, House in Quinta da Baroneza is a large house characterized by huge spans and minimum support points. With industrially cultivated, laminated, and processed Eucalyptus Grandis wood, the architecture of this house is outstanding.

The house is composed of concrete-free floor and ceiling slabs simply supported by laminated wood beams. Thanks to the openings, this house can get extra sunlight during the day. These openings are created by detaching the vertical and horizontal planes.

There is an indoor walkway that connects the master bedrooms. This walkway also reveals the living room below. The best thing about this house is someone can enjoy a spectacular landscape under a sun-filtering wood lattice panel in an inviting area.

House in Quinta da Baroneza


Photographers: Romulo Fialdini and Eduardo Raimondi

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