5 Biophilic Bathroom Designs with Plants And Plenty Of Natural Woods And Windows Letting In Natural Light

White tile wall with woonden shelves and comstics on them
White tile wall with woonden shelves and comstics on them

If you are looking for the best design to bring nature into your bathroom, you can use a biophilic design. It is an awesome design that forces you to use natural elements like plants and wood to connect the bathroom to nature. This design transforms your bathroom into a truly relaxing space.

Plants are good for bathrooms. They bring greenery, purify the room’s air, and also absorb moisture. Plants surely need windows but if your bathroom is lack windows, there are some best plants that are perfect for a windowless bathroom such as spider plants, aloe vera, peace lilies, and Boston ferns.

Tile is cold so an alternative for them is wood. This material offers a cozy warmth that makes your bathroom warm and welcoming. The combination of wood and plants in a biophilic design is perfect for you who want to have a warm, relaxing, and fresh bathroom.

Check out our biophilic bathroom designs with plants and plenty of natural wood below to get some inspiration to freshen your own bathroom at home.

1. Broadway Penthouse by Joel Sanders Architect

Broadway Penthouse 6

The first biophilic bathroom design with plants and plenty of natural wood comes from Broadway Penthouse by Joel Sanders Architect. This house uses lush vegetation to freshen its bathroom. Wood materials are also incorporated to bring warmth to this bathroom.

Photography: Peter Aaron (OTTO)


2. Surprising Seclusion by HYLA Architects

Surprising Seclusion 4

Surprising Seclusion by HYLA Architects chooses to add lots of plants to its bathroom. It is a biophilic bathroom design perfect for you who want to bring nature into your bathroom and create a connection with it. This idea is about creating a small indoor garden inside the bathroom.

Photographer: Derek Swalwell, HYLA Architects


3. House in Vilnius by PRUSTA

House In Vilnius 3

House in Vilnius by PRUSTA combines a biophilic bathroom design with a unique Asian design to beautify its bathroom. Small pots of plants are put near the window and the big one is near the bathtub. This bathroom is also full of wood elements such as a wooden vanity, a wooden door, and a wooden ceiling.

Photography: Leonas Garbačiauskas


4. Refraction House by RAD+ar Architecture

Refraction House 10

This biophilic bathroom design is perfect for those who want to mix different elements and materials to add more texture. Refraction House by RAD+ar Architecture combines wood, plant, tiles, and marble to beautify its bathroom. The result is a fresh and cozy bathroom.

Photography: RAD+ar Architecture


5. The HACHI Skyscape by WARchitect

The HACHI Skyscape 8

The last biophilic bathroom design comes from The HACHI Skyscape by WARchitect. This awesome house uses wood as the main material to design the whole surface of its bathroom interior. Some plants are also added to freshen the air and absorb moisture.

Image Source: WARchitect

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