7 Art Deco Living Room Ideas with Clean And Futuristic Silhouettes

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If you want to bring your living room to the next level, you can try to design it with an art decor style. It is a bold, rich, opulent style that can help you to create an aesthetic and glamorous living room. This style is defined by jewel tones, rich material palettes, and geometrical patterns.

Material palettes such as gilt, stainless steel, and brass are recommended for the Art Deco style. Jewel tones such as yellows, beiges, creams, emerald, gold, and sapphire are perfect for this style. For the geometrical patterns and shapes, you can bring them through furniture.

For an extra dose of inspiration, we present you with a collection of Art Deco living room ideas featuring sleek and futuristic silhouettes. Discover the ideal inspiration for your own living space by exploring these meticulously chosen designs.

1. Mieszkanie Chorzow by Widawscy Studio

Mieszkanie Chorzow 11

This Art Deco living room idea is perfect for you who want to create a colorful visual appeal to your living room. Mieszkanie Chorzow by Widawscy Studio is a colorful house that brings art decor style into its living room through colorful furniture and a gallery wall. A rug is also added for extra comfort.

Photographer: TOMASZ BORUCKI


2. Ne_On Apartment by NestSpace Design

Ne On Apartment 19

The next Art Deco living room idea comes from Ne_On Apartment by NestSpace Design. This apartment uses different colors and materials to add texture and comfort to its living room. The blue sofa is the statement furniture of the room while the geometric patterns of the wall tiles give more texture to the interior.

Photographer: Hey!Cheese


3. Mieszkanie W Warszawie by Widawscy Studio

Mieszkanie W Warszawie 8

Mieszkanie W Warszawie by Widawscy Studio also has an Art Deco living room idea to inspire you. This apartment has an interesting living room that is focused on a yellow tone to embrace the Art Deco style. The colorful striped wallpaper on the wall, the yellow rug, and the sofa can invite everyone to come and relax.

Photographer: ŁUKASZ KOZYRA


4. Park Avenue Prewar by Michael K Chen Architecture

Park Avenue Prewar 13

If you live in an apartment, this Art Deco living room idea can be your main inspiration. Park Avenue Prewar by Michael K Chen Architecture has a bold, rich, and glamorous look in its living room. The blue sofa is the highlight of the room while the expansive rug completes the whole cozy and warm feeling.

Photographer: Brooke Holm


5. Tech House by Cushing Terrell

Tech House 2

The next Art Deco living room idea comes from Tech House by Cushing Terrell. This contemporary house has a colorful and patterned rug that attracts everyone’s attention. The black sofa invites everyone to sit and enjoy the presence of nature that comes from wood materials.

Photographer: Gibeon Photography


6. Vance Lane Residence by Chioco Design

Vance Lane Residence 11

Vance Lane Residence by Chioco Design has an Art Deco living room idea perfect for your family. This family home uses a patterned rug to add extra warmth. The presence of wooden furniture brings nature into this room and makes the room warmer as well.

Photographer: Casey Dunn


7. The Family Playground by HAO DESIGN

The Family Playground 12

The last Art Deco living room idea comes from The Family Playground by HAO DESIGN. This family home adds different colors and materials into its living room to create an attractive visual appeal. It is a great idea for you to bring your living room at home to the next level.

Photographer: Hey! Cheese

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