5 Super Sleek But Cozy Kitchen Ideas Inspired By Professional Kitchen With More Industrial Materials

A sleek white kitchen with drawers extended

When a modern kitchen is too ordinary for you, why don’t you try to use industrial materials to create a super sleek kitchen? Industrial materials can help you to transform your kitchen into the most comfortable room in your home.

Industrial materials tend to bring sleek, clean lines, and cozy comforts to any room, including the kitchen. Types of industrial materials used for kitchens are brick, steel, reclaimed wood, and concrete. These materials are easy to clean, last long, and high quality.

You don’t have to use all industrial materials in your kitchen. One of two industrial materials combined is enough to bring your kitchen to the next level. For example, you can use marble for the kitchen backsplash and adds reclaimed wood shelves as additional storage. It is easy and simple.

Check out our super sleek but cozy kitchen ideas inspired by a professional kitchen with more industrial materials below to find more inspiration.

1. Voltaire by SABO


Voltaire 21

The super sleek but cozy kitchen idea in Voltaire by SABO is about using industrial materials to create a simple, soft, and beautiful appearance in its kitchen interior. It is an open kitchen and living area design with the use of concrete as the main material for the ceiling. The floor is made of wood, creating a warm feeling needed for a cozy room.

Photographer: Alexandre Delaunay


2. Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN

Gentle Heart Of Steel 18

Gentle Heart of Steel by HAO DESIGN is a family residence that also uses a super sleek but cozy kitchen idea with industrial materials to design its kitchen. Look how the bricks on the backsplash and the concrete on the wall work awesomely in this industrial kitchen interior. They are inviting everyone to come and prepare meals in this kitchen.

Photography: HAO DESIGN


3. Node Living by DesignAgency

Node Living 1

Node Living by DesignAgency also uses industrial materials to beautify its kitchen interior. The super sleek but cozy kitchen idea in this kitchen is about creating a soft and neutral look with reclaimed wood shelves and white tiles. Instead of using bricks, this kitchen uses square white tiles for its backsplash

Photography: DesignAgency


4. Industrial Loft by IDwhite

Industrial Loft 8

The super sleek but cozy kitchen idea in this loft is about creating a strong appearance in its kitchen using industrial materials and elements. Industrial Loft by IDwhite has an industrial kitchen in black, completed with industrial light fixtures that have the same color. For a small touch of elegance, wood material is also inserted.

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas


5. Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN

Recall Casa 12

It is another awesome industrial kitchen in black that uses a super sleek but cozy kitchen idea with industrial materials. Recall Casa by HAO DESIGN uses black as the main color to beautify its industrial kitchen. The wire kitchen rack is made of steel which marks the industrial material in this kitchen. The industrial light fixtures and the industrial stools strengthen this kitchen’s industrial appearance.

Photography: HAO DESIGN

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