10 Spa-Like Bathroom Ideas That’ll Make You Feel Like Having A Morning Bath At Your Favorite Hotel

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You can bring the feeling of a luxurious morning bath in the hotel into your home by having a spa-like bathroom. This kind of bathroom design is different from other designs. It provides a relaxing and comfortable feeling for you.

How to create a spa-like bathroom at your home? It doesn’t need a major remodel. You can start with simple things such as adding calming elements and upgrading bathroom elements. It is important to make your bathroom appearance as natural as possible, and incorporating plants is the easiest way for it.

A spa-like bathroom should have a free-clutter look so it is important to have enough bathroom storage. For achieving a spa-like bathroom atmosphere, soft towels are the key. Put some soft towels on the bathtub side table to display them. Besides the side table, you can also add a bathtub tray to complete the whole spa look.

We have some spa-like bathroom ideas that’ll make you feel like having a morning bath at your favorite hotel. Check them out below.

1. The Cliffside House by LaRue Architects

The Cliffside House 15

A luxurious spa-like bathroom? Try this spa-like bathroom idea from The Cliffside House by LaRue Architects. This family home has a spa-like bathroom with a luxurious atmosphere that is often found in a hotel. The big tub is the focal point of the room while the gold side table is a luxurious element that creates a spa-like atmosphere.

Photographer: Casey Dunn


2. GATES by Blue Truck Studio


GATES by Blue Truck Studio has a spa-like bathroom idea that will give you a relaxing and comfortable feeling while bathing. This spa-like bathroom looks simple and also elegant with a big bathroom vanity, a white side table, and a basket for towels. The gold accent from the mirror adds a touch of luxury.

Photographer: Open Homes Photography


3. Moscow Evenings by Kerimov Architects

Moscow Evenings 26

If you love neutral colors, you should try this spa-like bathroom idea. Moscow Evenings by Kerimov Architects beautifies its spa-like bathroom in a neutral color. The presence of white elements such as the side table, tub, sink, and towels allows this bathroom to have a spa-like atmosphere.

Photographer: Sergey Ananiev


4. Old Orchard by BMA Architects

Old Orchard 11

Designed as a modern house, Old Orchard by BMA Architects has a spa-like bathroom idea perfect for you who need a relaxing and rejuvenating feeling in the bathroom. The key to achieving a spa-like feeling in this bathroom is bringing wood material. The square side table in black completes the whole spa-like look.

Photographer: JOSHUA MCHUGH


5. Refraction House by RAD+ar Architecture

Refraction House 10

The spa-like bathroom idea in Refraction House by RAD+ar Architecture is about creating a natural look and feeling as much as possible. Wood and gravel are natural materials used in this bathroom to create a natural spa-like appearance. A pot of plant in the corner makes this bathroom feels like a spa as well.

Photography: RAD+ar Architecture


6. Villa Amsterdam by HofmanDujardin

Villa Amsterdam 5

Villa Amsterdam by HofmanDujardin has a spa-like bathroom in a neutral and simple design. This spa-like bathroom idea focuses on the use of wood materials to beautify the interior. The big white tub and big wooden shelf are the main elements that make this bathroom feels like a spa.

Photographer: Matthijs van Roon


7. House Fern by Nico van der Meulen Architects

House Fern 9 1

A spa-like bathroom with direct access to nature is the spa-like bathroom idea in House Fern designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects. This family house allows its inhabitants to have a close connection to nature through its spa-like bathroom. One can enjoy a spa-like atmosphere and outdoors at the same time in this bathroom.

Image Source: Nico van der Meulen Architects


8. Willamette Heights Residence by Skylab Architecture and Made

Willamette Heights Residence 12

The spa-like bathroom idea in Willamette Heights Residence by Skylab Architecture and Made is about bringing nature inside. The sinks and big tub create a spa-like atmosphere supported by the presence of a big pot of plants. Green accents from the tiles on the shower area also complete the spa-like feeling.

Photographer: Stephen A. Miller


9. Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture

Lacuna House 4

A small spa-like bathroom? Try this idea. Lacuna House by Bijl Architecture tries to create a spa-like bathroom in its small bathroom by adding a wooden bathtub tray. It is a simple but clever idea to make a bathroom feel like a spa even with limited space.

Photographer: Tom Ferguson


10. Bluff Point II by BMA Architects

Bluff Point II 4

This spa-like bathroom idea is perfect for you who want to have a simple, elegant, and neutral appearance in your bathroom. Bluff Point II by BMA Architects incorporates bright and neutral elements to create a spa-like bathroom. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall helps this bathroom to get enough warm sunlight during the day.

Image Source: BMA Architects

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