5 Small Home Library Design Ideas With Modern Touch

Living room interior with chair in the library room.

A home library is a relaxing escape for every book lover. When it feels like not wanting to go to the public library, sitting on a cozy chair accompanied by dozen of books at home becomes a better option. Designing a home library means you need to know how to organize the books and create a cozy atmosphere.

How to design a home library? First, choose a quiet location at your home that ensures good lighting and circulation. Another option is incorporating the library within an existing room to save your home space, for example, a living room. Next, check out your book collection to consider the right size shelving.

The last but most important thing is incorporating color. A home library should be a relaxing space and incorporating color is one of the easy ways to achieve it. Try to make your home library a space full of your personality by beautifying its interior with your favorite shade.

Still don’t have an idea? Let’s check out some small home library design ideas with modern touch below to find the best inspiration for your own home library.

1. Laurel Hills Residence by Assembledge+

Laurel Hills Residence 8

Laurel Hills Residence by Assembledge+ is a single-storey residence that has a small home library design idea with a modern touch to inspire you. This idea is about incorporating the library within an existing room, in this case, a living room.

A simple built-in shelving in white has been designed at the corner of the room for the books and small decorations. For extra comfort, there is a recliner chair with a footrest and a side table that create a small sitting area for reading.

Photographer: Matthew Millman


2. Boat Sheds by Strachan Group Architects

Boat Sheds 23

This small home library design idea with a modern touch is also worth trying. Boat Sheds by Strachan Group Architects incorporate a small home library in its modern living room. The built-in shelving made of wood attracts everyone’s attention to come and choose one book to read.

This house also uses a recliner chair with a footrest to provide a relaxing and comfortable reading time for its inhabitants. The highly crafted timber interior is the main highlight of this house.

Photographer: Patrick Reynolds


3. Garden House by Aaron Neubert Architects

Garden House 13

Creating a reading nook as a home library is the small home library design idea in Garden House by Aaron Neubert Architects. This family house has a small reading nook incorporated into its living room. The storage below the seat is transformed into a mini bookshelf.

The best thing about this small home library is where it is located. A small library near an expansive glazed wall allows one to enjoy the views while sitting and reading a book comfortably.

Photography: Brian Thomas Jones, Adam Pergament, ANX


4. Glassbook House by Sibling Architecture

Glassbook House 8

Glassbook House by Sibling Architecture is a modern house that has a unique small home library design idea. This house has a two-storey bookcase which allows its inhabitants to store a lot of books. Instead of a chair, there is a built-in bench set at the corner, where one can enjoy reading times comfortably.

Photographer: Katherine Lu


5. Apartment João Crisóstomo II by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos

Apartment João Crisóstomo II 15

Apartment João Crisóstomo II by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos is a modern apartment with bright interiors that also incorporates its home library into a living room. For the bookshelf, this house uses the shelves around the TV for storing books. It is one of the clever ideas to save your home space and also create a heaven for a book lover.

Photographer: FG + SG

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