7 Elegant Kitchen Ideas With A Few Country Elements That Never Go Out Of Style

Country kitchen

An elegant kitchen is not always identical to modernity. You can also use a few country elements to make your kitchen elegant and stylish. When you add some country elements into your kitchen, they will embrace a casual and cozy vibe that is perfect for preparing meals activity.

There are a lot of country elements that you can add to your kitchen. First, make sure you use pastel and bright color palettes for your kitchen interior. Natural materials such as stone, brick, and wood are recommended country elements for the kitchen. Try to present one of these materials through the furniture, floor, or ceiling.

For the details, it depends on the specific appearance that you select, in this case, an elegant appearance. Try to install open shelves made of wood in the kitchen. Besides giving you easy access to the dishes, displaying copper and cast-iron pots on these shelves is a great idea to add a touch of country style.

We have a collection of elegant kitchen ideas with a few country elements that never go out of style below to help you find the best inspiration for a simple country life.

1. Boeun House by Y Group

Boeun House A Country House Of Multi Culture Family Of Korean And Vietnam 3

The first elegant kitchen idea with a few country elements comes from Boeun House by Y Group. This country house has a cozy and stylish kitchen with an elegant appearance. The country elements in this open kitchen include wooden furniture, country-styled stools, and also a warm rug.

Photographer: Lovehouse


2. Saint-Placide Chalet by La Firme

Saint Placide Chalet 2

Saint-Placide Chalet by La Firme is a country house that has a bright kitchen in white. The elegant kitchen idea with a few country elements in this kitchen is about highlighting the bright interior with some country elements. The wood-topped kitchen island, country-styled stools, and rustic ladder shelf attract everyone’s attention to come and cook.

Photography: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard


3. Woodhouse by Superkul

Woodhouse 1

Using wood as the main material to design the whole house including the kitchen is an elegant kitchen idea in Woodhouse by Superkul. Just like its name, this rural country house is built with the domination of wood. Black accents in the middle of the wood make the kitchen more elegant and stylish.

Photography: Alex Fradkin / Kayla Rocca


4. Coopworth, Tasmania by FMD Architects

Coopworth Tasmania 14

Coopworth, Tasmania by FMD Architects also uses wood as the main country element to design its kitchen. It is an elegant kitchen idea where wood dominates the interior beautifully. The wooden kitchen island in this house adds the aesthetics of country style.

Photography: Dianna Snape


5. Skygarden House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Skygarden House 10

Skygarden House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design is a country home with an elegant kitchen that looks more modern and simple. This kitchen looks awesome with three different tones: dark, bright, and warm. It is not only a cozy kitchen but also a warm space thanks to its wooden floor.

Photography: Shai Gil


6. Cabane 217 by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Cabane 217 A Modern Country Home That Creates A Dialogue Between Inside And Outside 3

Same to the previous idea,  Cabane 217 by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes uses three different tones to create an elegant and simple kitchen. It is an elegant kitchen idea with a wooden kitchen shelf rack as its country element. The black wall makes this kitchen feel larger, airier, and also more inviting.

Photographer: Stéphane Groleau


7. La Cornette by YH2 Architecture

La Cornette A Country House On Quebecs Hill Slope 7

This elegant kitchen idea with a few country elements is perfect for you who have a large and open kitchen. A custom kitchen island and wooden storage in La Cornette by YH2 Architecture are country elements with a simple style. The result is an elegant kitchen that gives a country life touch to the house.

Photography: Loukas Yiacouvakis, Francis Pelletier

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